Top 5 Best Perks in Modern Warfare Remastered

Want to know what the best perks are in Modern Warfare Remastered? From Stopping Power to Deep Impact, there's a lot of great perks in this game. Today we talk about the Top 5 you should be using in online multiplayer.

Top 5 Best Perks in Modern Warfare Remastered

There's a lot of good perks in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered. Most of them balance each other out. Stopping Power is great to use on a sniper, as it adds increased damage and prevents them from getting so many hit markers instead of kills. However, UAV Jammer helps a sniper better protect themselves from enemy snipers by being able to hide from UAVs.

So by sacrificing damage, they can sneak around easier. It's a bit weird but does work. Some guns in the game don't even need Stopping Power. Such as the MP5 and the P90. Both great sub machine guns.

So what perks stand out the most in Modern Warfare Remastered? Here are the Top 5 perks for online multiplayer.

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1. Stopping power 

Stopping Power, the best tier 2 perk in Modern Warfare Remastered
Of course, this had to make the list! It's not only a classic perk that lived on through Modern Warfare 2. But also a necessary perk for doing good damage with most Assault Rifles in Modern Warfare Remastered.
This perk adds increased bullet damage for your weapons. Which shortens your time to kill and overall will help you win more gunfights. It's especially good with the M16, G3, G36, M4 Carbine. It's good with every gun in the game but those stand out the most.

When it comes to sub machine guns, most need Stopping Power except the MP5 and P90.

2. RPG-7 X 2

RPG X 2, one of the best tier 1 perks in Modern Warfare Remastered
This is a perk that grants you two RPG's. It's very useful against Helicopters, but not so much against players. Most of the time it can take Helicopters down with 1 RPG and a couple bullets. Helicopters get very annoying and will kill your team mates fast so it's best to attempt to take them out as soon as possible. It could cost you your life in the game, but it could turn things around score wise.

Taking down a Helicopter also gives you a pretty good amount of XP. Usually around 150, but it could be more if you complete a challenge.

3. Deep Impact

Deep Impact, one of the best tier 3 perks in Modern Warfare Remastered
To most players, this is the most important perk in the game besides Stopping Power. Most can't even fathom what the M16 would be like without this perk. Deep Impact gives you deeper bullet penetration. It's crucial in this game as there are so many destroyed buildings and walls people hide behind. This perk will allow you to shoot throw walls and do good amounts of damage when doing it. With this perk, you can get the upper hand on people camping in a room ready to blow you away. It's quite amazing when you actually pull it off.

This perk especially benefits the M16, the G3, and pretty much all snipers. Again, it's great with all weapons but these stand out the most.

4. Special Grenades x 3

Special Grenades X 3, one of the best tier 1 perks in Modern Warfare Remastered
This is most likely the most popular choice for a Tier 1 perk in Modern Warfare Remastered. You are able to have 3 special grenades, except for smoke grenades. So that means you can spam away with flash and stun grenades. Blinding your enemy to the point where his screen is completely white, leaving him extremely vulnerable.

Frag X3 is another popular choice but Special Grenades X3 tend to be more useful. It still comes down to preference with this tier.

5. claymore x 2

Claymore X 2, one of the best tier 1 perks in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered
This stands out to be one of the most useful perks in the game mode Search and Destroy. A Claymore can cover spots behind you while you are covering in front of you. They can easily be countered if your placement isn't thought out, so be sure to place it in a good spot. This perk can also be countered by the Bomb Squad perk which allows the user to see enemy explosives.

The best way to use them is to make sure the red lines aren't visible by the enemy team and to place it in a spot that is hard to shoot at. It works great in spots that you know enemies are gonna run through without checking first, such as stairs, or a corner. Overall this is a useful perk for playing stealthy instead of run and gun if you know how to use it correctly.

Here's a class I've been using a lot lately in Search and Destroy.

What are the best perks in Modern Warfare Remastered?
So what do you think about these perks? Would you change anything on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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