Top 5 Pro Tips For Modern Warfare Remastered Multiplayer

Wanna learn how to play like a pro in Modern Warfare Remastered Multiplayer? There's a couple things you'll need and tips you should know. So here are the Top 5 Pro Tips for MWR.

How to Play like a Pro in MWR

With the new map update coming, and the Holiday around the corner, tons of new players are coming into Modern Warfare Remastered. Of course newcomers and people playing now are probably wondering how to improve their game and dominate online, so I've got you covered.

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1. Get an over ear headset to hear footsteps

How to get better at Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered
This is by far most likely the best choice you'll make if you want to get better at the game. A good headset can get you really far in Call of Duty games. They allow you to hear footsteps, predict enemy locations, as well as provide a cinematic feeling for your gaming.

Good headsets aren't too expensive either. There's some that are very basic and will still improve your gameplay. I personally use the Hyper X Cloud Stinger. It's been very reliable so far and is very comfortable. When it comes to headsets, just make sure you find one that works with your console and has good feedback.

2. Control scheme

Best Control Scheme MWR
Controls are a very important part for getting better at Modern Warfare Remastered. Changing your controls could really improve how you play depending on how easily you pick up on things. Personally, I use a tactical button layout with my sensitivity set to four. So first, let's talk about the tactical button layout.

The tactical button layout allows you to crouch with the control stick and melee with O(PS4) or B(Xbox One). This is very useful for drop shotting, which is where you press down on the control stick and go prone as you are shooting. Also having your melee button set as B tends to feel more natural in the long run, especially if you are coming from Halo. It takes a little while to get used to, but personally it has helped improve my performance in online multiplayer a lot.

Now sensitivity is a touchy subject as it really comes down to comfort and preference. The best thing to do is to take time to play around with a number that suits you. It's different for everybody. You might have friends that use 20, and you might have some that use 3. It's all a matter of what works for you.

3. Scuf/claw and kontrol freeks

Scuf/Claw and Kontrol Freeks MWR
If you've been playing Call of Duty for a while, you probably know what a Scuf Controller is. If not, it's basically a custom controller that works very well for competitive play. You can put paddles on the back that can be mapped to a button of your choice. This gives you quite an advantage over players who have to reach over to a button and take their fingers off the control stick.

Of course, you can still perform well without one, but it is very handy. Alternatively, you can learn how to claw, which is a very cool looking way to hold your controller. It allows you to not have to take your thumbs off the control sticks to press a button. This is a very advanced technique that takes some time to learn. However, a lot of pro's such as OpTic Scump use this and do very well with it.

Kontrol Freeks are a simple little control stick addition. They raise the high of the stick to allow you to aim easier and have more control over your shots. I've used them for about three years now and can't play without them. They take time to get used to but will improve your accuracy over time.

4. Nade spots

Nade Spots in MWR
So you most likely have gotten killed by a grenade at the start of the match a couple times now in Modern Warfare Remastered. Either those players got really lucky, or knew about grenade spots. Also known as nade spots, these are certain points on the map where you can through a grenade across and almost always land a kill on rushing players on the opposite team.

There's a ton of them and most of the time you'll learn them through experimentation. I'd recommend you to go in a private match with a friend and do something testing. You'll find that there are some obvious spots on certain maps that you'll be able to throw grenades at for guaranteed kills.

5. Watch tournaments and youtube videos

How to get better at Modern Warfare Remastered 
It is extremely underestimated of what watching others play can do for you. Tournaments can teach you to call outs, map positioning and so much more. Put yourself in a competitive position, try out online tournaments, or even local tournaments. Remember that improving at a video game takes time and lots of patience. These days the competitive scene for Call of Duty is huge and very active. While the game doesn't offer an online competitive game mode just yet, Search and Destroy offers quite a bit of competition for the time being. There's also online options such as UMG and Gamebattles.

Are you going to be playing MWR competitively? Let me know in the comments below if these tips helped! Also be sure to hit the Follow icon above to stay updated with all things Modern Warfare Remastered.


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    I’m appalled at your tentative grasp of the English language, though your tips seem sound for competitive players.


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