Kojima Hints At Character Customization in Death Stranding

The legendary game creator provided some interesting hints at what could be featured in his upcoming PS4 game during the Tribeca Games Festival this past weekend.

Kojima Hints At Character Customization in Death Stranding
During the Tribeca Games Festival in New York this past weekend, iconic game creator Hideo Kojima talked about his upcoming game Death Stranding during the event's keynote, hinting at the possibility of character customization within the highly anticipated title.

When asked by host Geoff Keighley about why he chose to work with real actors for this game, he said: “I wanted something more lively, something where the actors go on stage and do something I didn’t even imagine. I wanted to have that more lively feeling, that makes it better. So that’s why I started working with these movie actors.”

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In essence, Kojima feels that those things that are improvised can add something to the project: “In a way, if it’s 100% computer graphics then we can do completely what I imagined. But that’s not what I want necessarily. By bringing in actors they do things that I don’t imagine, and that alone makes the project bigger. There’s happenings on stage, different things that happen. This is what I want and that’s what makes them better.”

Additionally, when on the subject of Norman Reedus, Kojima said that the character Reedus is playing was introduced completely naked on purpose: “For the teaser where you see Norman naked, that’s something that I very specifically had in mind that I wanted people to see first. A naked Norman, and then from there you’ll be able to see him in different costumes, different hairstyles, different equipment. And that’s as much as I should say today.”

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