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Death Stranding Analysis – What Does It All Mean?

At this year’s Game Awards, visionary game creator Hideo Kojima treated us with some new footage from Death Stranding. That makes the third trailer in just two years and we still have no answers as to...

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Death Stranding To Skip E3 2017

Hideo Kojima announces that their upcoming open world game Death Stranding will skip E3 2017. Kojima Productions advises that they don't want to break their concentration on further development of the...

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Kojima Hints At Character Customization in Death Stranding

The legendary game creator provided some interesting hints at what could be featured in his upcoming PS4 game during the Tribeca Games Festival this past weekend. During the Tribeca Games Festival in ...

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Kojima Recruiting Familiar Faces for Death Stranding

If there weren't enough reasons to be excited for Death Stranding already, Hideo Kojima has recruited some of his most talented former associates from Konami to join his development studio, Kojima Pro...

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New Death Stranded trailer shown at Game Awards 2016

What the hell was that about? Death Stranding has received a new trailer at The Game Awards 2016. After receiving his award, Hideo Kojima showcased a new cinematic trailer for his upcoming game '...

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