Hideo Kojima “would start from zero” for a Death Stranding Sequel

Hideo Kojima, head and founder of Kojima Productions, as well as the creator of the Metal Gear franchise, is said that he's open to a Death Stranding sequel. It may take a while though, as he'd want to start again from the ground up.

Hideo Kojima

Whilst talking to Vulture, it was revealed that although Kojima might consider making a sequel to Death Stranding, the wait could be considerably longer than that of most sequels, as he “would start from zero”. Whether that would mean merely not being a direct sequel or starting a new game entirely from scratch without using any of Death Stranding’s assets, is mostly uncertain. Either way, with the years of intense motion-capture that would be required with a variety of actors like with the first game, Death Stranding 2 will be quite a ways off.

Speaking of actors, Kojima also discussed working with Death Stranding protagonist actor, Norman Reedus, again. Through years of working together on Death Stranding, the two developed a close friendship, meaning we’ll most likely be sure to see Reedus in whatever project Kojima decides to work on next. Positive reception of the game included praise for Reedus’ performance as Sam Porter Bridges, leading to a Game Awards nomination for Best Performance.

Be sure to read the rest of the interview, which includes a charming anecdote about when Kojima went to Reedus’s home for dinner and met his cat. It also discusses Kojima’s inspirations and personal experiences during development of the game. It’s all quite heartwarming.

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