Death Stranding – New Reveal Trailer at TGS 2019

A lot of the mystery of Death Stranding is uncovered with the Death Stranding new reveal trailer at TGS 2019.

Death Stranding - New Reveal Trailer at TGS 2019

Looking for the Death Stranding new reveal trailers from Tokyo Game Show 2019? One of the largest game shows in the world, TGS 2019 was filled with highly-anticipated titles. However, one of the most popular booths was that of Death Stranding from Hideo Kojima. At a live event streamed from the game show, there was a 40-minute gameplay session showing never-before-seen content.

The return of Hideo Kojima with Death Stranding is something fans have been looking forward to for a long time. Below are the trailers released exclusively for Tokyo Game Show 2019.

Death Stranding – Official Briefing Trailer | TGS 2019

Death Stranding New Reveal Trailer: Briefing

The first was played on repeat all throughout the event for fans to line-up to and enjoy. It is a full nearly 5-minute official cutscene from the game. In the scene, Sam Bridges is being briefed by Amelie and Die-Hardman on their current situation. Amelie says she is being held hostage by a terrorist group and asks for Sam’s help in rescuing her. In exchange, they promise to rebuild America and reunite the cities.

Death Stranding Gameplay - Tokyo Game Show 2019

Unfortunately for all you English gamers out there, the gameplay trailer is completely in Japanese with Japanese commentary. To help you out, here are some of the main highlights regarding the gameplay aspects revealed:

  1. Menus are in 3D and can be rotated
  2. You can craft shoes and other materials
  3. Extensive menus: deliveries, map, quests, equipment crafting, medicine, grenades, climbing equipment, etc. 
  4. You can change the position of your cargo on Sam’s body to improve his balance
  5. You can draw routes on the map which will create arrow indicators in-game which you can follow to your destination
  6. Sam’s sensor displays different colors to indicate dangerous terrain
  7. Stamina plays an important role in the game
  8. You can level up Sam’s climbing equipment to scale higher areas
  9. Rest areas can be used to repair cargo containers
  10. Sam’s sensor can detect and mark cargo, as well as enemies
  11. Vehicles driven by enemies can be hijacked
  12. Exoskeleton equipment can improve Sam’s carrying capacity, speed, and jumping distance
  13. Sam’s guns can incapacitate the invisible enemy creatures
  14. Boss enemies can be defeated using special grenades
  15. Boss enemies have both close range and long range attacks

Until recently, very little has been known about Kojima’s Death Stranding. Since its release, the trailers have been incredibly cryptic. Each trailer previously released had created more questions rather than provide answers. While the previous reveal videos have been quite short, this 48-minute gameplay footage is one of the longest samples of the game ever revealed. 

What do you think of Death Stranding? Let us and our readers know in the comments below!

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