Death Stranding Reaches Five Million Copies Sold

Death Stranding hits five million copies sold worldwide. This news comes from Head of Publishing Jay Moor, ahead of the game's Director's Cut edition. Hideo Kojima's first game since establishing Kojima Productions is a confirmed hit.

Death Stranding Reaches Five Million Copies Sold

The newest game from industry legend Hideo Kojima reaches five million sales. In an interview with, head of publishing Jay Boor revealed that Death Stranding passed the sales mark ahead of its Director’s Cut edition. The news comes as no surprise, though Kojima’s Metal Gear franchise has shipped 56 million copies.

There was quite a bit of controversy about calling the PS5 version a “Director’s Cut,” as Kojima isn’t a fan. Further, he states that a Director’s Cut is content edited out of the shipped product, and the bonus content for Death Stranding is all brand new and has been in development since the games’ launch. The Director’s Cut adds new story missions, guns, delivery tools like a catapult, new vehicles, and even a racing mode.

Death Stranding Director's Cut - Pre-order Trailer | PS5

As for what Kojima has planned next, a deal with Microsoft seems to be in the works. A few weeks ago, Kojima and Microsoft signed a letter of intent, meaning both parties legally agree to work together. The project is cloud-based, as Kojima and Xbox plan to combine technological soundness and the genius of one of the greatest minds in the industry. Whether the game will be an Xbox exclusive is yet to be seen, but it’s probably safe to assume it’ll be on Game Pass.

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