Kojima Recruiting Familiar Faces for Death Stranding

If there weren't enough reasons to be excited for Death Stranding already, Hideo Kojima has recruited some of his most talented former associates from Konami to join his development studio, Kojima Productions.

Kojima Recruiting Familiar Faces for Death Stranding
In the year since Hideo Kojima's dramatic exit from Konami, the legendary Japanese game designer has kept fans guessing with increasingly bizarre teasers for his upcoming game Death Stranding. Though very little is known about the game, what we do know is that more and more famous faces have been lured to the project. First it was Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead fame, then both Guillermo del Toro and Mads Mikkelsen joined the fray.

Big names in Hollywood aren't the only ones looking to be a part of Death Stranding however. Many of Kojima's former associates at Konami have since left the company and followed him to Kojima Productions, not surprising considering the rumours of employee mistreatment that came to light last year.

Kojima's list of ex-Konami employees includes Personal Assistant Ayako Terashima, Producer Ken-Ishiro Imaizumi, Art Director Yoji Shinkawa, and the former President of Konami Europe Shinji Hirano. Most recently, Kojima has also snagged ex-Konami game designers Masaki Saito and Jackie Tan, Cinematic Artist Yasuhiro Kawakami, and the man that designed the oh so brilliant FOX Engine, Akio Sakamoto.

With all of this familiar backing talent and without the restraints that Konami imposed upon him, Death Stranding could very much be the de facto Kojima vision that Metal Gear V: Phantom Pain almost was.

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