Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Half-Year Anniversary Update Full Overview

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE will celebrate its half-year anniversary from April 27 to May 18, 2023, and SHIFT UP has prepared many things for the players to enjoy, ranging from a new Pilgrim Nikke, a 14-Day Login Event, and a unique and limited-time OVER ZONE event.

Goddess of Victory Nikke Half-Year Anniversary Update Full Overview

SHIFT UP has prepared major updates and rewards for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE’s half-year anniversary. During their live stream 3 days ago, the developers announced a new Pilgrim Nikke, Dorothy, and other things such as the OVER ZONE Story Event, a 14-day Login Event, and new Campaign Chapters.

After several hours of maintenance, the half-year anniversary update will commence on April 27, 2023. Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is available on Windows, Android, and iOS.

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE | Half-Year Anniversary Version PV

Meet Dorothy, The New Pilgrim Nikke

The star of the half-year anniversary is the new Pilgrim Nikke, Dorothy. She’s a Burst 1 Nikke that utilizes an Assault Rifle, Ungrateful OZ, to help her teammates.

Her first Skill, Holy Fire, allows her to reduce all of her teammates’ Burst cooldowns as well as add Pierce to their attacks, increasing their overall damage for a short period.

Dorothy’s second Skill is Baptism, which will allow her to deal 216% ATK as distributed damage, giving her more ways to dish out tons of destruction to the enemies.

She has a Burst Skill called Paradise Lost, which enables her to give the enemy a Brand and collect the damage dealt to them during this period. When the Brand disappears, the accumulated damage will then be dealt to the target(s) accordingly. Additionally, it fixes the cooldown time of all attacking skills to 2 seconds for a certain period.

This allows Dorothy to launch a series of powerful attacks on the enemy within a short amount of time. In summary, with her Paradise Lost Burst Skill, she can Brand enemies, collect damage, and launch powerful attacks at short intervals due to fixed cooldown times.

Goddess of Victory NIKKE Half-Year Anniversary Update Full Overview Dorothy's Skills

Dorothy’s Skills.

Other Half-Year Anniversary Events

Other than the main star, Dorothy, SHIFT UP will also bring many story events, a mini-event, and rewards for the players to enjoy. The Goddess of Victory: NIKKE‘s half-year anniversary starts from April 27 to May 18, 2023.

14-Day Login Event

For the duration of the half-year anniversary, there will be a 14-Day Login Event that will grant tons of special rewards, including x10 Advanced Recruit Voucher and a free SSR Nikke, Rei. She’s available to claim during the 5th day of login, so you can get her fairly easily.

Moreover, Rei is projected to be a free Max Limit Break SSR character to help players who are still searching to complete their Max Limit Break roster. Players can gain her Spare Bodies through the limited-time story event, OVER ZONE.

Goddess of Victory NIKKE Half-Year Anniversary Update Full Overview 14-Day Login Event

14-Day Login Event.


The Ark Guardian operation has been protecting and leading humanity to their new home. It recently ended with great success. Now, there are only two months left until the Ark is entirely sealed. In response, the Goddess Squad, who are considered humanity’s beacon of hope and the goddess of victory, have made it their solemn duty to defend the entrance of the Ark with unwavering resolve.

During the event, which will run from the end of April 27, 2023 maintenance to 4:59:59 May 18, 2023 (UTC+9), players can join various activities and explore the exclusive event field for OVER ZONE. By participating, players can win rewards such as Gems, Advanced Recruit Vouchers, development materials, and surprising Lost Relics.

Wings of Paradise, Dorothy, the new Pilgrim Nikke coming soon for the game's half-year anniversary.

Wings of Paradise, Dorothy.

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