Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Maid in Valentine Update Overview

SHIFT UP launches the newest update for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, dubbed as Maid in Valentine. In this update, there are tons of new content, including the limited-time Story Event, the new SSR Nikkes, Cocoa and Soda, as well as new costumes for Signal and Privaty.

Goddess of Victory Nikke Maid in Valentine Update Overview

With Valentine’s Day looming closer, SHIFT UP reveals the newest update for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, Maid in Valentine, as its flagship event for the month. Aside from the event, SHIFT UP also introduces us to a new Nikke, Cocoa, a Supporter-Type character, and new costumes for Signal and Privaty.

The Maid in Valentine event commences from February 1 to 15, and players can join the event and clear stages to win event items and Valentine’s Day limited live wallpapers, which can be used to exchange various rewards such as Recruit Vouchers and skill enhancement materials in the event shop.

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE | Maid in Valentine Version PV

Meet Cocoa, Maid For You’s Maid Leader

NIKKE‘s Maid in Valentine update brings us several new Nikkes from the Maid For You Squad. Currently, only the Maid Leader Cocoa is available to the players. She is available through the Special Recruit.

Cocoa is a Nikke from Tetra Line, and she brings a Sniper Rifle, Cocorella, for her battles. She is a Burst I and a Supporter-Type character, with Fire as her Element.

As for her Skills, she brings forth a new function, Dispel Debuff, to the game. This function is capable of dispelling debuff(s) applied to her allies. Dispel Debuff can dispel most debuffs including Stun, however, there are several instances where Cocoa is unable to do so, such as the Blacksmith’s Stun.

Cocoa's Skill Overview.

Cocoa’s Skill Overview.

Other Updates in Maid in Valentine Event

Other than the new Nikkes, Cocoa, and Soda, this update also brings the limited-time event that portrays Maid For You’s dilemma for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. 

Although the professional maid team showed their full support and did their best for the maid cafe’s Valentine’s Day event, Mustang pointed out the other day that there is no sincerity in the chocolates. Because of that, this activity has been postponed indefinitely.

Coincidentally, the Commander who comes by the maid cafe at this time decides to help them out. With that, they embark on a short journey to search for genuine Valentine’s Day chocolates.

Also, there will be a 7-Day Login Event, starting from February 1 to 15, where you can get various rewards such as Recruit Vouchers and many development resources necessary for your Nikkes.

Lastly, two new costumes will be available to Signal and Privaty. Signal’s costume, Dramatic Chocolate, is available as the final Premium Reward from the current Mission Pass. Whereas for Privaty’s costume, Government Grunt can be purchased directly from her character screen.

Signal's New Costume, Dramatic Chocolate.

Signal’s New Costume, Dramatic Chocolate.

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