Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Golden Ship Update Overview

After the successful Nya Nya Paradise Update, SHIFT UP launches the newest update for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, dubbed as Golden Ship starting on July 20. In this update, there are tons of new content, including the limited-time Story Event, the new SSR Nikke, Mast, a new costume for Yan, as well as new improvements for the game.

Goddess of Victory NIKKE Golden Ship Update Overview

Following the previous Nya Nya Paradise Update, SHIFT UP has prepared a new major title update for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, Golden Ship, which will introduce several new things. Following the announcement on their Twitter today, the developers revealed a new Elysion Nikke, Mast, and other things such as the Golden Ship Story Event, a 7-Day Login Event, new content for the game, and a new Costume for Yan.

After several hours of maintenance, the Golden Ship update will commence on July 20, 2023. Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is available on Windows, Android, and iOS.

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE | Mast Dynamic Profile

Meet Mast, the Pirate Aspirant

The star of the update is the new Elysion Nikke, Mast. She is a pirate aspirant Nikke who is part of the Aegis squad and finally joins the battlefield together with other Nikkes. Mast’s a Supporter Nikke that utilizes a Sub-Machine Gun, Ferocity, to help her allies gain the advantage. 

Mast’s skill lowers the enemy’s strength when preparing for a critical attack. She increases the critical hit rate of self and allies at the beginning of the battle and enhances the combat ability of self and allies when her HP drops to a certain point. When using Burst Skill, she raises the Max HP of self and allies without affecting her current HP. If this effect is utilized efficiently, certain characters’ combat abilities can be greatly enhanced.

Mast is available in Special Recruit from the end of July 20, 2023 maintenance to 4:59:59 August 3, 2023 (UTC+9).

Other Events in Golden Ship Update

Other than the new Nikke, Mast, this update also brings the limited-time event that portrays The Commander and Mast’s journey to find a long-lost treasure buried under a legendary ship.

Rumored to be the final treasure stash left by the legendary pirate Captain Alligator — the Golden Ship. Legends claim that its hull still holds a precious treasure, all waiting for dauntless adventurers to come and claim them. Mast stumbled upon a treasure map that marks the location of the Golden Ship. She is now on a voyage to uncover the lost vessel and the legendary riches contained within it.

Also, there will be a 7-Day Login Event, starting from July 20 to August 3, where you can get various rewards such as Recruit Vouchers and many development resources necessary for your Nikkes. Moreover, Yan will receive a special Costume, Yan – Sunrise Market, that is obtainable through the August Mission Pass.

Lastly, Golden Ship Update will bring many new gameplay contents in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE. First off, the Campaign will have two new Chapters, Chapter 23: A Prison Which No One Can Escape From, and Chapter 24: Banishment for Everyone’s Sake. Not only that, but the Lost Sector will also have two new stages, Sector 16 and 17 to accompany the new Campaign Chapters. And finally, the Union Raid will return on July 28 until August 3, in which players can coordinate with fellow Union mates to earn handsome rewards. 

Login Event.

Login Event.

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