Goddess of Victory: NIKKE x Chainsaw Man Collaboration Event Overview

The Goddess of Victory: NIKKE x Chainsaw Man collaboration is almost here, and there are plenty of new things that await the players. The event starts on February 22 and brings three major characters from Chainsaw Man to Nikke: Power, Makima, and Himeno.

Goddess of Victory NIKKE x Chainsaw Man Collaboration Event Overview

SHIFT UP has announced an exciting project for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE: They reveal a collaboration with the Chainsaw Man series that starts on February 22. The event will introduce three guest characters from Chainsaw Man, a Story Event, as well as a 14-Day Login Bonus, which will include one free guest character, Himeno.

The collaboration event comes with a Patch Update that will fix several glaring issues within the game, including the issue where you can’t shoot the special attack (red remark) of Grave Digger.


Advanced Daily Login Bonus Event

To celebrate the Nikke x Chainsaw Man collaboration, SHIFT UP will give an advanced login event that grants rewards to the players. 

The login event will provide 5 Recruit Vouchers and 15 1-Hour Growth Sets that are equally divided each day, for five days.

The event is accessible starting from February 15th until February 21st.

Goddess of Victory NIKKE x Chainsaw Man Collaboration Event Overview Advanced Login Bonus

Advanced Login Bonus.

Upcoming Fixes

February 22nd will not only mark the beginning of the collaboration event, but the update will also introduce many fixes to some of the issues that are still in the game.

Some of these issues are: The issue where the character does not take cover while reloading and gets shot; The issue where reloading happens right after cartridge clips are used up; The issue where Modernia’s position is skewed to the left in shooting scenes.

You can read the complete list of fixes in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE website’s Known Issues and Status Updates section.

New Chainsaw Man Characters

For this collaboration, SHIFT UP brings 3 major characters from the Chainsaw Man franchise to Goddess of Victory: NIKKE. They are Power, Makima, and Himeno.

Power and Makima come as exclusive characters, available through Limited-Time Recruits that starts on February 22nd. Their rarity is SSR, however, their weapon types are still unknown.

Meanwhile, Himeno will be available as a free SR character through the 14-Day Login Bonus. She uses a Sniper Rifle, the Ghost Sight, and her affiliation is with the Devil Hunter squad.

Lastly, there will be a limited-time Story Event where the Counters squad will meet Devil Hunters from the Public Safety Devil Extermination Special Division 4 during their investigations on the surface.

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