Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Bunny x Bunny Update Overview

After the successful half-year anniversary event, SHIFT UP launches the newest update for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, dubbed as Bunny x Bunny starting on May 18. In this update, there are tons of new content, including the limited-time Story Event, the new SSR Nikkes, Blanc and Noir, as well as a new costume for Rupee.

Goddess of Victory NIKKE Bunny x Bunny Update Overview

Following the half-year anniversary event, SHIFT UP has prepared a new major title update for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, Bunny x Bunny, which will introduce several new things. Following the announcement on their Twitter today, the developers revealed two new Tetra Nikkes, Blanc and Noir, and other things such as the Bunny x777 Story Event, a 7-day Login Event, and new Rupee Skin.

After several hours of maintenance, the Bunny x Bunny update will commence on May 18, 2023. Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is available on Windows, Android, and iOS.

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE | NIKKE Interesting Stats - Half-Year Anniversary Version

Meet Blanc and Noir, the Twin Sisters of Coin Rush

The star of the half-year anniversary is the new Tetra Nikkes, Blanc, and Noir. Blanc’s a Burst 2 Nikke that utilizes an Assault Rifle, White Pollux, to help her teammates. Meanwhile, Noir is a Nikke that uses a Shotgun, Black Castor, which she can use to kill the enemies.

Blanc is a Nikke with various survival skills including a shield. By setting up a shared shield that protects her allies, Blanc constantly restores HP and increases the squad’s survivability. Her Burst Skill is equipped with the indomitability function and provides complete defense for the weakest ally.

As for Noir, she is an Attacker with various strengthening skills. As long as she manages her HP well, she can continuously magnify the entire squad’s ATK. When using Burst Skill, she reinforces all Nikkes who are using shotguns and increases damage to certain interruption part(s). She can also interrupt the Boss’s attack.

Blanc's Skills, she focuses on supporting her allies with continuous healing based on her maximum HP.

Blanc’s Skills.

Other Updates in Bunny x Bunny Event

Other than the new Nikkes, Blanc, and Noir, this update also brings the limited-time event that portrays the twin sisters’ dilemma for the upcoming event at Coin Rush.

A new event is coming at Coin Rush, and the winner will receive a spectacular prize: a kiss from both Noir and Blanc! Unfortunately for Noir, she is terrified at the thought of locking lips with a stranger. In a bind, the twins come to the Commander’s Room and make a desperate plea: they want the Commander to participate in the competition.

Also, there will be a 7-Day Login Event, starting from May 18 to June 1, where you can get various rewards such as Recruit Vouchers and many development resources necessary for your Nikkes.

Lastly, Rupee will receive a new limited skin, Rabbit Deluxe, which can be obtained from Luxury Bunny Gacha along with a new voice, and standing pose. Players can obtain rewards such as Rupee – Rabbit Deluxe, Advanced Recruit Vouchers, and Equipment Level-up Materials after 10 draws.

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