Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Queen’s Order Update Overview

After the well-received Bunny x Bunny event, SHIFT UP launches the newest update for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, dubbed as Queen's Order starting on June 1. In this update, there are tons of new content, including the limited-time Story Event, the new SSR Nikke, Rosanna, as well as a new costume for Sakura.

Goddess of Victory NIKKE Queen's Order Update Overview

Following the success of the Bunny x Bunny Update, SHIFT UP has prepared a new major title update for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, Queen’s Order, which introduces several new things. Following the announcement on their Twitter today, the developers revealed a new Tetra Nikke, Rosanna, and other items such as the Queen’s Order Story Event, a 7-day Login Event, and the new Sakura Skin.

After several hours of maintenance, the Queen’s Order update will commence on June 1, 2023. Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is available on Windows, Android, and iOS.

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE | Dev Team Interview - Half-Year Anniversary Edition

Meet Rosanna, the Underworld Queen

The star of the update is the new Tetra Nikke, Rosanna. She is the leader of the underworld organization Hedonia, who finally joins the battlefield together with other Nikkes. Rosanna’s a Burst 1 Nikke that utilizes a Machine Gun, Golden Thompson, to mow down her enemies.

Rosanna is a Nikke who can strengthen herself when there are Nikkes who is out of action, be they friends or foes. With her buff-dispelling skill and Concealment, she increases her survivability and can hold out till the end. At the end of the battle, she uses her accumulated Frenzy effect to turn the tables when there are Nikkes out of action.

Other Updates in Queen’s Order Event

Other than the new Nikke, Rosanna, this update also brings the limited-time event that portrays the underworld queen’s struggle after a bomb attack targeted her.

A bomb attack targeting Rosanna on Hedonia’s territory destroyed a restaurant in the Outer Rim. Rosanna lost her men, and it also affected the civilians under their protection. Grief-stricken, Rosanna decides to track down the culprit herself.

Also, there will be a 7-Day Login Event, starting from June 1 to June 15, where you can get various rewards such as Recruit Vouchers and many development resources necessary for your Nikkes. Sakura will also receive a new Permanent Skin, Midnight Stealth, that players can purchase from the in-game Cash Shop → Costume Shop.

Goddess of Victory NIKKE Queen's Order Update Overview 7-Day Login Event

7-Day Login Event.

Additionally, there will be a new Coordinated Raid in which the players must form a team of five Commanders and challenge Boss Alteisen together. Players can either team up with friends and union members or join the challenge through automatic matching. The rewards for beating the boss are Broken Cores, and you can exchange them for Gems and development materials in Recycling Shop.

Lastly, the Solo Raid will begin on June 8, 12:00:00 (UTC+9). Players can mobilize their best parties to challenge the boss and obtain Harmony Cube materials. They can also gain a rank on the leaderboard based on the highest damage dealt of challenge difficulty and earn the corresponding gem rewards. The Solo Raid’s duration starts from 12:00:00 on June 8, 2023, to 4:59:59 on June 15, 2023 (UTC+9).

Rosanna's Expressions and Stance in which she lifts up her Golden Thompson in the air while smiling

Rosanna’s Expressions and Stance.

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