Goddess of Victory: NIKKE A2 Character Guide

This guide will provide insights into the newest addition to Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, A2, including her skills overview and potential team compositions. A2 is a Limited Collaboration Character from Nier: Automata who wields a Rocket Launcher and provides massive firepower source thanks to her Skills that focus on increasing her Charge Damage and Charge Speed.

Goddess of Victory NIKKE A2 Character GuideSHIFT UP has announced another brilliant project for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE. They recently revealed that the game would have another collaboration with the Nier: Automata series, Nikke x Nier Automata. Today, we will discuss one of the new Nikke, A2’s in-depth guide, focusing on her skills and team synergies. Let’s begin.

After several hours of maintenance, the NIKKE x Nier: Automata collaboration update commenced on September 1, 2023. Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is available on Windows, Android, and iOS.

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A2 Combat Overview

Let’s look at A2’s Nikke Skills to start the guide. As an Attacker Nikke, she focuses on her damage output while utilizing her HP. Let’s start with her Skill 1, Output Increased, which enables A2’s Rocket Launcher attacks to have bonuses of Charge Damage and Explosion Radius by 110.44% and 100.74% respectively for 15 seconds whenever A2 casts her Burst Skill. This allows A2 to have the largest Explosion Radius among other Rocket Launcher Nikkes, granting her the ability to deal damage to many enemies at once.

Meanwhile, her Skill 2, Slow Charged Attack, increases A2’s Rocket Launcher damage substantially as there are two bonuses from this Skill: Damage to Parts bonus and Additional Damage bonus. However, she needs to attack with a Full Charge to gain these bonuses, making her uptime slightly delayed.

Lastly, her Burst Skill, Mode B, is A2’s main source of damage, where she trades her HP for more ATK and Charge Speed. The Burst Skill can last as long as A2’s HP never dips below the 40% mark. As you can see, A2’s kits complement each other, as Skill 1’s effect takes place after you use her Burst Skill, therefore gaining both Skills’ bonuses at the same time. 

Overall, A2’s damage output far surpasses many other Nikkes, even Laplace does not come close to A2’s burst damage potential. However, A2 has some downsides that you should consider before trying to use her on your team lineups. The glaring issue that she has is her incredibly slow forced animation when firing, reducing the potency of Charge Speed bonuses. Moreover, she needs a dedicated Taunter and Healer to perform well, or A2 might have a very hard time during battles.

To summarize, we have provided a table that highlights A2’s strengths and weaknesses below:

Strengths Weaknesses
A2’s attacks can easily wipe out many enemies at once Needs dedicated Taunter and Healer Nikkes to perform well
Very valuable against Bosses that have more than 2 destructible parts, like Chatterbox On the flip side, if the Bosses does not have any destroyable parts like Cocytus, then A2’s damage output is diminished
Has the highest explosion range among the Rocket Launcher wielders Any additional Max HP increase may hinder A2’s Support units from fully healing her, and in turn, disabling her Mode B stance
Relatively cheap (A2 scales well with Skill levels, though that’s not mandatory for her usability) Forced animation means that A2 is not fast-tapping friendly, and this also reduces any Charge Speed bonuses’ potency

Skills Priority

Now that you know A2’s Skills, it’s time to move on to her Skills Priority. As she is an Attacker Nikke, here is the hierarchy of what you should upgrade first (in descending order):

  • Mode B: A2’s Burst Skill is without a doubt the best part of her kit thanks to the massive damage output increase it provides. Mode B is a constant stance, which is incredibly useful, however, this Burst Skill needs A2’s HP to always hover above 40%, otherwise, Mode B will deactivate. Although the drawback is clear, you should always prioritize A2’s Burst Skill since she relies on Mode B to dish out the damage.
  • Output Increased: The next Skill to prioritize is her Skill 1, Output Increased. This Skill is the direct complement to A2’s Burst Skill, as the additional Charge Damage and Explosion Radius only work after you trigger her Burst Skill, so you should prioritize Output Increased after the Burst Skill.
  • Slow Charged Attack: Lastly, Skill 2 has the lowest priority among the three due to its limitations, as it’s only useful against enemies/Bosses that have parts on them.
A2's Skills

A2’s Skills.

Best Equipment Substats

Since A2 is an Attacker-Class Nikke, she can only use the corresponding equipment designated for that Class. Although not mandatory, A2 shines better when you give her multiple Overload Tier buffs. Still, if you don’t have any Abnormal equipment, then leveling them up to level 5 is enough.

However, if you do have excess equipment and wish to place them on A2, I recommend you to look out for Increase Charge Speed, Increase Max Ammunition, and Increase ATK sub-stats if you wish to upgrade her equipment to Overload Tier to add some firepower to her kit. 

A2’s Potential Team Composition

As for her potential teammates, A2 is relatively versatile, though she’s a Nikke that desperately needs a Healer and a Taunter to perform her duties well in combat. With that in mind, we will list down two potential lineups for A2 in this Goddess of Victory: NIKKE guide. 

Duo Bunny Lineup

For this team, we recommend using A2, Liter, Blanc, Alice, and Noir.

Liter’s role on this team is pretty straightforward, with her providing an ATK bonus to all of her teammates after using her Burst Skill. Moreover, she can recover a portion of two of her allies’ Covers, giving them more durability during combat.

As the name suggests, the duo bunny, Blanc, and Noir are the crucial pieces of this team, as their beyond-amazing Support buffs are simply too good for any lineup, including this A2 team. And for the final piece, you can put Alice in tandem with A2. This team is arguably A2’s best possible team composition, as the buffs (Healing and ATK) are very adequate to support A2.

However, there’s a slight issue with Alice, as she can tear down parts incredibly quickly, rendering A2’s damage to plummet, so you should tread with care when pairing the two. If you don’t want that to happen, then you can substitute Alice with Maxwell, though by using her, you might squander the duo bunny’s supporting buffs for the team.



Destruction Lineup

For this team, we recommend using A2, Dorothy, Blanc, Modernia, and Noir.

The main difference between this team and Duo Bunny Lineup is that we’re going to use Dorothy and Modernia to replace Liter and Alice. These Nikkes already have built-in ATK buffs, which means your A2 can remain safe from the enemies’ attacks, especially in Solo Raids. 

Dorothy provides additional Parts Damage, which proves highly useful for A2, while Modernia can shield A2 from incoming attacks as her ATK stat is likely higher than A2, making Modernia the ‘Taunter’ for the team.



A2’s Overall Power Rank

Now that we’ve gone through A2’s Skills and her Team potential, it’s time to talk about her usability in every content within the game. In Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, there are many challenges that players must face, such as Interception, Arena, and Tribe Towers. As stated before, A2 is a versatile Attacker Nikke but falters greatly if the enemies/Bosses don’t have destructible parts.

And so, to close off this A2 Nikke guide, we will provide a table that includes her usability against all game contents, including Interception and PvP Arena, to provide insight about what types of content she’s strong in and which are the ones you should avoid using her.

Type of Content

Usability Rank

(E – SS)

Campaign Stages (Early) SS If you’re still in Early Campaign Stages (Chapters 1 – 16), then A2 is arguably one of the best DPS to have, even comparable to Scarlet or Alice. She can comfortably hit many Raptures at once, and even bypass some shields, making her a beast, especially during the Early Campaign Stages.
Campaign Stages (Late) S A2’s usability is still great even in Campaign Stages Chapter 17+, especially when the Bosses within the Stages have more than two destructible parts. However, beware of the Bosses that don’t have any parts, as A2’s damage will fall off when fighting them.
PvP Arena A Although relatively weak compared to other meta Nikkes such as Scarlet, Alice, or Anis: Sparkling Summer, you can still use A2 if you don’t own any of those units. However, her damage is quite low, so she might get out-damaged by your enemy’s DPS Nikkes.
Interception SS Since A2’s Rocket Launcher attacks have a wide-range splash, paired with Interception Bosses’ destructible parts, she shines well when fighting them thanks to Mode B and her Skill 1,  making A2 a very strong contender for your DPS unit in Interception.

And that’s the character guide for A2 for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE.

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