Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Snow White: Innocent Days Character Guide

This guide will provide insights into the newest addition to Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, Snow White: Innocent Days, including her skills overview and potential team compositions. Snow White: Innocent Days is a new Nikke from the Pilgrim faction who wields an Assault Rifle and focus on dealing substantial area damage to the enemy Raptures.

Goddess of Victory NIKKE Snow White Innocent Days Character Guide

With the launch of the game’s 1st-anniversary commemorative update, SHIFT UP prepares another Pilgrim Nikke, Snow White: Innocent Days, to accompany Goddess of Victory: NIKKE‘s first annual event. Today, we will discuss the new Nikke, Snow White: Innocent Days’ in-depth guide, focusing on her skills and team synergies. Let’s begin.

After several hours of maintenance, the 1st Anniversary update commenced on November 2, 2023. Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is available on Windows, Android, and iOS.

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Snow White: Innocent Days Combat Overview

Let’s look at Snow White: Innocent Days’ Nikke Skills to start the guide. As an Attacker Nikke, she mainly serves as the main DPS unit for the team, which comes from her dealing normal attacks to enemy Raptures. Let’s start with her Skill 1, Seven Dwarves V & VI, which grants Snow White: Innocent Days increased Max Ammunition Capacity and additional attack bonus against all enemies within her attack range after she lands 30 normal attacks.

Meanwhile, her Skill 2, Seven Dwarves IV, is quite needy, as the Skill needs Snow White: Innocent Days to unleash her Burst Skill before activating the latter half of this Skill’s effect. Beyond that, this Skill also provides bonus damage to all enemies after Snow White: Innocent Days lands 50 normal attacks, a great way to deal carpet bombing against the Raptures.

Lastly, with her Burst Skill, Seven Dwarves III, Snow White: Innocent Days will unleash several buffs for herself that can help her dish damage faster and deadlier. The first one allows her to trigger Skill 2’s shot count requirement by 20 normal attacks for 10 seconds. In addition, Snow White: Innocent Days receives an ATK buff by up to 97.2% of her own ATK stat for 10 seconds. Lastly, for 10 seconds, Snow White: Innocent Days will receive unlimited ammunition.

Overall, Snow White: Innocent Days is a great unit to have, especially for beginners who just started playing the game, as she can breeze through early Campaign Stages with ease thanks to her screen wiper Skills that can deal damage to many Raptures at once.

Strengths and Weaknesses

To summarize, we have provided a table that highlights Snow White: Innocent Days’ strengths and weaknesses below:

Strengths Weaknesses
Snow White: Innocent Days is easily one of the top DPS units to have during early Campaign Stages, and still retains some of her usability during the latter Campaigns She requires big investments for her Max Ammunition Capacity, as her Skills (apart from Burst Skill) need Snow White: Innocent Days to constantly land many shots before triggering her Skills
Snow White: Innocent Days is a simple Attacker Nikke to use, and you can even use her with the Auto function, as she does not require precise timing to unleash her Skills Snow White: Innocent Days is not as meta-defining as other DPS units such as Alice, Scarlet, or Modernia
Snow White: Innocent Days can continuously fire her weapon during her Burst Skill, which allows her to have unlimited ammunition for 10 seconds While we can consider Snow White: Innocent Days as the Modernia lite version, she is not as potent as she has an Assault Rifle, not a Machine Gun, which prompts her to reload more often than Modernia

Skills Priority

Now that you know Snow White: Innocent Days’ Skills, it’s time to move on to her Skills Priority. As she is an Attacker Nikke, here is the hierarchy of what you should upgrade first (in descending order):

  • Seven Dwarves III: Snow White: Innocent Days’ Burst Skill is her main source of damage output, so you should always try to prioritize this Skill over the other two Skills.
  • Seven Dwarves IV: The next Skill to prioritize is her Skill 2, Seven Dwarves IV. Snow White: Innocent Days needs to continuously deal area damage to the enemies, and her Skill 2 works in tandem with her Burst Skill, which grants her unlimited ammunition while also helping reduce her Skill 2’s trigger requirement.
  • Seven Dwarves V & VI: Skill 1 has the lowest priority among the three because of how the other two Skills contribute directly to Snow White: Innocent Days’ DPS output, so you should always prioritize her Burst Skill and Skill 2 first before moving on to her Skill 1.
Snow White Innocent Days' Skills.

Snow White Innocent Days’ Skills.

Best Equipment Substats

Snow White: Innocent Days is an Attacker-Class Nikke, so she can only use the corresponding equipment designated for that Class. Snow White: Innocent Days will shine better when you give her multiple Overload Tier buffs, so you must try and give her all the Overload equipment you can gather.

As for the recommended sub-stats, I recommend you to look out for Increase ATK and Increase Max Ammunition sub-stats for optimal DPS output for Snow White: Innocent Days.

Snow White: Innocent Days’ Potential Team Composition

As for her potential teammates, Snow White: Innocent Days’ main strength, which lies in her dealing splash damage against multiple Raptures at once makes her one of the best DPS Nikke to have during early runs of the game, though she does start to falter a bit during the latter parts of Goddess of Victory: NIKKE.

With that in mind, we will only list down one potential lineup for Snow White: Innocent Days in this Goddess of Victory: NIKKE guide.

Snow White: Innocent Days + Duo Bunny Lineup

For this team, we recommend using Liter/Dorothy, Blanc, Noir, Flex Burst 3 Nikke, and Snow White: Innocent Days.

The reason why we’re going to use the Duo Bunny combo, Blanc and Noir, for Snow White: Innocent Days is thanks to their super powerful Supporter abilities, and there is no better combination in the game at the moment, though the Naga + Tia combo might come close to that spot, which you can also use as alternatives if you don’t have Blanc and Noir. Meanwhile, for the Burst 1 Nikke, you can either opt for Liter or Dorothy, depending on which Nikke provides more value during certain stages.

Lastly, to pair up with Noir and Snow White: Innocent Days, you can use any Burst 3 Nikkes that can provide more DPS avenues, such as Scarlet or Alice, though you can also use Supporter Burst 3 Nikkes such as Maxwell to boost Snow White: Innocent Days’ damage output.

Snow White: Innocent Days’ Overall Power Rank

Now that we’ve gone through Snow White: Innocent Days’ Skills and her Team potential, it’s time to talk about her usability in every content within the game. In Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, there are many challenges that players must face, such as Interception, Arena, and Tribe Towers.

As stated before, Snow White: Innocent Days offers great value for beginners who recently played the game, as she can help you breeze past the early Campaign Stages very easily, and you can keep using her as a main DPS unit if you still don’t have Scarlet, Alice, or Modernia during this time. However, once you reach Campaign Chapter 17 and above, or when you have the aforementioned DPS Nikkes, Snow White: Innocent Days’ value quickly diminishes and takes a backseat in terms of usability.

And so, to close off this Snow White: Innocent Days Nikke guide, we will provide a table that includes her usability against all game contents, including Interception and PvP Arena, to provide insight into what types of content she’s strong in and which are the ones you should avoid using her.

Type of Content

Usability Rank

(E – SS)

Campaign Stages (Early) SS If you’re still in the Early Campaign Stages (Chapters 1 – 16), Snow White: Innocent Days is one of the top DPS Nikkes to have as she can deal areal damage and acts as the screen wiper to eradicate the annoying Raptures easily.
Campaign Stages (Late) A Starting in Campaign Stages Chapter 17+, Snow White: Innocent Days is outshined by many other Burst 3 Nikkes like Scarlet, Alice, Modernia, or Red Hood. However, she remains useful if the stages you use her for do not have any taxing DPS requirements.
PvP Arena B Unfortunately, Snow White: Innocent Days’ position in the PvP Arena is bleak, as she is simply outclassed by other top-performing DPS Nikkes in the game. However, you can still use her in a burner/third team if your first two teams are already super strong and you believe that those will be enough to net you wins in PvP Arena.
Interception B In Interception, Snow White: Innocent Days is quite strong in some Bosses (such as Blacksmith and Chatterbox) while being weaker against Bosses like Alteisen and Grave Digger, so use her wisely.

And that’s the character guide for Snow White: Innocent Days for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE.

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