Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Helm: Aqua Marine Character Guide

This guide will provide insights into the newest addition to Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, Helm: Aqua Marine, including her skills overview and potential team compositions. Helm: Aqua Marine is a variant of Helm who now wields an Assault Rifle and provides additional firepower to your team, especially against Electric Code Raptures.

Goddess of Victory NIKKE Helm Aqua Marine Character GuideTo celebrate the Summer season in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, SHIFT UP plans on bringing two new variants for two familiar Nikkes, Anis and Helm, dressing up to prepare for their latest journey. And today we will discuss one of the new Nikke, Helm: Aqua Marine’s in-depth guide, focusing on her skills and team synergies. Let’s begin.

After several hours of maintenance, the Sea, You Again Summer Update Part 2 commenced on August 3, 2023. Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is available on Windows, Android, and iOS.

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Helm: Aqua Marine Combat Overview

To start the guide, let’s look at Helm: Aqua Marine’s Nikke Skills. As an Attacker Nikke, she focuses on providing more firepower to combat the enemies. Let’s start with her Skill 1, Admire Accompaniment, which enables Helm: Aqua Marine to deal damage as well as provide Cooldown of Burst Skill buff to her allies, something that’s highly precious and might save your team during battles.

Meanwhile, her Skill 2, Aegis Cannon Suppression Fire, is pretty straightforward; Helm: Aqua Marine will damage 1 enemy randomly every 4 seconds, and she can also apply a debuff if that said enemy belongs to Electric Code (Damage Taken +5.64%, stacks up to 5 time(s), and lasts for 5 seconds).

And lastly, her Burst Skill, Aegis Cannon Overload, enables Helm: Aqua Marine to attack all of her enemies simultaneously, as well as deal additional damage to them if they belong to Electric Code (164.8% + 164.8% total damage from Helm: Aqua Marine’s final ATK).

Overall, Helm: Aqua Marine is a character with incredible attacking potential, especially when you pit her against Electric Code Raptures. However, besides her Skill 1, she doesn’t bring many utilities for her teammates, something that you may want to consider before fielding her as your Burst 2 Nikke.

Skills Priority

Now that you know Anis: Sparkling Summer’s Skills, it’s time to move on to her Skills Priority. As she is a Supporter/Buffer, here is the hierarchy of what you should upgrade first (in descending order):

  • Admire Accompaniment: Helm: Aqua Marine’s Skill 1 is most definitely the best part of her kit since it allows her to deal additional damage after landing 30 normal attacks plus reducing the Cooldown of Burst Skill, a massive buff that can make the difference for your team’s survivability.
  • Aegis Cannon Overload: The next Skill to prioritize is her Burst Skill, Aegis Cannon Overload. Indeed, this Skill’s only caveat is damaging all enemies currently on the field, however, if there are Electric Code Raptures among them, then Helm: Aqua Marine’s Burst Skill’s effectivity will double. 
  • Aegis Cannon Suppression Fire: Lastly, Skill 2 has the lowest priority among the three due to its limitations regarding the debuff on Electric Code Raptures, something that will lose value when you’re fielding Helm: Aqua Marine on a stage that has few of those Raptures.
Goddess of Victory NIKKE Helm Aqua Marine Character Guide Helm: Aqua Marine's Skills.

Helm: Aqua Marine’s Skills.

Best Equipment Substats

Since Helm: Aqua Marine is an Attacker-Class Nikke, she can only use the corresponding equipment designated for that Class. It is not necessary to put your Manufacturer’s Equipment on her as she’s not that demanding in terms of stats. Even Level 0 equipments are enough to make her a potent character on your team.

However, if you do have excess equipment and wish to place them on Helm: Aqua Marine, I recommend you to look out for Increase Element Damage Dealt and Increase ATK sub-stats if you wish to upgrade her equipment to Overload Tier to add some firepower to her kit. 

In addition, try to avoid Increase Max DEF bonuses, since this will not help her during battles that much, as her Skills don’t rely on DEF stat.

Helm: Aqua Marine’s Potential Team Composition

As for her potential teammates, Helm: Aqua Marine is a very versatile Nikke that can fit into many team lineups, and her limitation might only be that she’s far fitter in Stages that are filled with Electric Code Raptures, as her Skills are more geared toward fighting them.

Her potential teammates are Liter, Scarlet, Flex Burst 3, and Noir/Modernia.

Due to her nature as a Burst 2 Nikke with a 20 seconds Burst Skill cooldown, she has a harder time pairing with other Burst 2 Nikkes such as Centi, Blanc, and Guilty.

While Liter will still act as the main Supporter of the team, Helm: Aqua Marine will act as the secondary DPS that will help her teammates’ Burst Skill Cooldown. Meanwhile, Scarlet and Modernia will mow down the enemies very easily thanks to other Nikkes’ buffs and supports.

Goddess of Victory NIKKE Helm Aqua Marine Character Guide Helm Aqua Marine

Helm: Aqua Marine.

Best Stages to Use Helm: Aqua Marine

Now that we’ve gone through Helm: Aqua Marine’s Skills and her Team potential, it’s time to talk about her usability in the Boss stages. In Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, the hardest challenge that players must face are the Special Interception Bosses. As stated before, Helm: Aqua Marine is a great unit but she’s better suited against Electric Code Raptures, limiting her Stage options.

And so, to close off this Helm: Aqua Marine Nikke guide, we will provide a table that includes her usability against all Interception Bosses + Nihilister, Chapter 20’s Stage Boss, to provide insight about what Bosses she’s strong against and which are the ones you should avoid using her against.

Usability Table

Interception/Stage Bosses

Usability Rank

( E – S)

Nihilister C

Nihilister is a Boss that requires top DPS units combined with healers and buffers to support them, and although Helm: Aqua Marine can help reduce the cooldown of Burst Skill, her damage against Nihilister won’t reach its maximum output since Nihilister is not an Electric Code Boss.

Modernia B

Facing Modernia requires strong DPS and buffs to clear her Interception. And Helm: Aqua Marine can excel here since her Skill 1’s effects are incredibly helpful when fighting Modernia, giving your team faster Burst cycles.

Recommended Lineup: Liter, Flex Burst 3 Nikke, Modernia, Scarlet, and Helm: Aqua Marine.

Chatterbox B

Chatterbox is the easiest Interception Boss, as he is less demanding compared to other Bosses. Helm: Aqua Marine’s presence against Chatterbox is certainly helpful by reducing the team’s Burst Skill cooldown.

Recommended Lineup: Liter, Flex Burst 3 Nikke, Modernia/Alice/Helm, Scarlet, and Helm: Aqua Marine.

Blacksmith C

Blacksmith is another Interception Boss that requires focus and a team that can sustain themselves (Heal, shield, etc.), and having Helm: Aqua Marine will reduce your overall damage output since she’s not as helpful to her teammates as other Burst 2 Nikkes such as Centi or Blanc.

Grave Digger D To complete Grave Digger Interception, you must gather a specific lineup consisting of Shotgun-based Nikkes, and Helm: Aqua Marine’s abilities lack in that aspect, diminishing her priority for this Interception Boss.
Alteisen D

Alteisen’s quick missile and turret barrages must be countered by specific Nikkes such as Noise or Ludmilla. Unfortunately, even though Helm: Aqua Marine’s damage potential is relatively high, she doesn’t have the necessary survival or buff tools to help her win against this Interception Boss.

And that’s the character guide for Helm: Aqua Marine for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE.

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