Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Dazzling Cupid Update Overview

After the previous School of Lock Update, SHIFT UP launches the newest update for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, titled as Dazzling Cupid starting on October 5. In this update, there are tons of new content, including the limited-time Story Event, the new SSR Nikkes, Tia and Naga, a new costume for Diesel, as well as the return of Solo Raid.

Goddess of Victory NIKKE Dazzling Cupid Update OverviewFollowing the previous update, School of Lock, where we had Marciana as a new Nikke for the game, SHIFT UP has prepared a new major title update for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, Dazzling Cupid, which will introduce several new things. Following the announcement on their Twitter today, the developers revealed two new Missilis Nikkes, Tia and Naga, and other things such as the Dazzling Cupid Story Event, a 7-Day Login Event, a special 21-Day Autumn Login Event, which includes Diesel’s new limited costume, and the return of Solo Raid.

After several hours of maintenance, the Dazzling Cupid update will commence on October 5, 2023. Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is available on Windows, Android, and iOS.

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Meet Naga and Tia, the Dazzling Pearl Nikkes

The star of the Dazzling Cupid update is the arrival of the new Missilis Nikkes, Naga, and Tia. The Dazzling Pearl squad’s mature and capable graduate student, Naga, finally joins the fray alongside Tia, the Dazzling Pearl squad’s lovely graduate student who is as adorable as she looks.

Naga wields a Shotgun, Elegant Nocturne, and she is an Electric Code Nikke. Naga protects her allies by restoring Cover and HP. When generating a shield, she increases her allies’ attack power, thus raising the squad’s overall combat power.

Meanwhile, Tia props up a Rocket Launcher, Chase Nail, and she is an Iron Code Nikke. Tia is the squad’s shield. By using a buff that raises her survival ability, she provides a shield for her allies. Even when her Burst Skill: Lizard’s Protection is activated, the Burst stage does not advance to the next one, thus allowing her allies to use the Burst Skill of the same stage again.

Naga will greet the Commanders on Goddess of Victory: NIKKE from October 5 and leave the game on October 19, 2023. To obtain her, players can recruit her through Lobby → Recruit → Special Recruit. As for Tia, she will arrive on October 12 and will leave the game on October 26, 2023. You can recruit her through the same method as Naga.

Other Updates in the Dazzling Cupid Event

Apart from the main attraction of this update, Marciana, the game will see many updates and benefits such as the Limited-Time Story Event, Dazzling Cupid, Solo Raid, and a 7-Day Login Event.

Tia and Naga are both graduate students from the Dazzling Pearl squad. They’re so close that others call them sisters, but they turned into rivals for the Love Arrow rumored to “make eternal love come true.” Who will end up receiving the Love Arrow from Commander?

Players can enter the DAZZLING CUPID event page and complete stages to win event items, which can be used to exchange many rewards such as Recruit Vouchers and skill enhancement materials in the event shop. The event lasts from the end of October 5, 2023 maintenance to 4:59:59, October 19, 2023 (UTC+9).

Moreover, SHIFT UP will pair the Limited-Time Story Event with not one, but two Login Events simultaneously. The first one is the 7-Day Login Event, where players can get Recruit Vouchers and development materials when they log in for 7 days straight. The second Login Event is the 21-Day Login Event – Autumn Picnic, where players can get the limited costume Diesel – Strawberry Flower when they log in for 21 days straight.

Lastly, Solo Raid returns from October 12 until October 19, where players can mobilize parties to challenge the boss and obtain Cube materials.

7-Day Login Event.

7-Day Login Event.

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