Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses Joins Smash Ultimate

The fifth member of the Fighters Pass has been revealed! Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses takes the final spot in a varied and complex selection of new fighters for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Should that disappoint you, know that six new fighters have also been confirmed to be on the way in a second Fighters Pass.

Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses Joins Smash Ultimate

When Masahiro Sakurai speaks, people listen. Whether anyone likes what’s to be said is the chance that every Nintendo fan is willing to risk. Three Houses fanatics are sure to be thrilled, as Byleth was announced as the fifth and final member of the first Fighters Pass DLC pack for Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

For those counting, that makes eight characters from the Fire Emblem series that occupy roster spots. Byleth will join Roy, Marth, Ike, Lucina, Robin, Corrin, and Chrom as representatives of the long-running franchise that only recently made waves in the West. And as a measure of self-awareness, Nintendo made it prominent to showcase that Byleth would not only use a sword, but three other weapons as tools in their arsenal. Even still, cries of “another anime swordfighter” will inevitably permeate over the announcement.

Along with the Byleth reveal, Sakurai continued to announce a flurry of new additions coming to Smash Ultimate. New costumes for Mii Fighters will be available to purchase, including one of the titular character from Cuphead, which includes a track from the game, as well. A new stage in the form of Garreg Mach Monastery from Three Houses was showcased, which automatically transports fighters to four different places in a near-three-minute loop.

Near the end of the presentation, Sakurai informed the viewers that a second Fighters Pass was in the works. Additional DLC fighters have already been decided, and a total of six new roster spots have opened up. This will hopefully provide some solace to those that were disappointed in Byleth as a DLC fixture.

The Byleth DLC pack, second Fighters Pass, and the additional accessories will be available to purchase on January 28th. Byleth’s pack will be $5.99 individually and each Mii costume will be $0.75. For the full presentation, check out the video below:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Mr. Sakurai Presents "Byleth"

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