5 Tips To Help You Get Into Elite Smash On Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Learn how to improve your Smash Ultimate gameplay with some tips and tricks to help you raise your GSP. Whether you're a little lower down the ladder or just under the Elite Smash border, this guide has something to help many players struggling to reach their potential.

5 Tips To Help You Get Into Elite Smash On Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s online game mode “Quickplay” can be very competitive and even quite frustrating at times. I remember when I first hopped online and got thrown around the stage like a rag doll, wishing I could go back to fighting level nine CPUs. Over time, I improved upon my own skills and managed to climb the ladder of Global Smash Power (GSP) and hit Elite Smash with my favourite fighters. Whether you’re stuck a little lower down, or just under that Elite Smash barrier, this guide gives general tips and tricks to help you climb with your favourite fighters.

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1. Play More Fighters

One of the best ways to get better at the game, in general, is to broaden your personal roster of fighters. This will not only allow you to gain more insight into how other characters work but will also help you to get a better grasp of how the game functions. It’s quite crucial to understand how pretty much every fighter works if you’re a more competitive player.

Choose your fighters

Choose your fighters

“One-tricking”, as some would call it, is something that many players do when they first pick up the game. It basically means to only play one character, and many enjoy this playstyle. A friend of mine, for example, one-tricks Bowser, and pretty well, mind you. But she has never been able to break into Elite Smash, even with a broad knowledge of Bowser’s moveset. It is heavily recommended to learn more fighters and to have that wider knowledge of how different types of characters function. Even if it’s just three or four, having more knowledge will certainly help you improve.

2. Practice In Tournaments and Arenas

If you, like I, get a little anxious when playing Quickplay, then the best way to practice outside of this rather intense atmosphere is to play during the 1v1 Tournament rotation and in 1v1 Arenas. This helped me a lot, especially with Bayonetta and learning how to react quickly to an opponent’s Directional Influence. It feels safer engaging in these casual battles and trying to learn new moves here works wonders. There’s also a lot less pressure without the GSP number rising and falling after each game.

Practice makes perfect... or improvements at least

Practice makes perfect… or improvements at least

I use tournaments to learn new tech that would likely result in making many mistakes and leading to a quick self-destruct on multiple stocks. If you love risky tactics with high-risk high-reward factors, then your best bet is to practice this outside of Quickplay until you can comfortably and consistently perform them. Then, jump back into it and show everyone your flashy new array of moves.

3. Learn New Tech

Every fighter in the roster has some sort of advanced techniques or moves that aren’t explicitly obvious, but definitely worth learning if you’re an experienced player. Fighters like Bayonetta and Peach have huge amounts of this while some like Bowser have a little less. I can’t tell you how long I’ve spent in the Training Mode perfecting the “Jump Cancel Witch Twist” or RAR Up-air combos. I guarantee at least learning a few for your fighters will help you in your climb. This could be anything from simple or kill combos to specific (and often difficult) techniques to perform.

Bonk, bonk, bonk...

Bonk, bonk, bonk…

So, look up some YouTube or written guides for your favourite fighters and find out what combos and tech that they are capable of. It’s especially satisfying to learn these new abilities and apply them in real online games. Though, be mindful that online players higher up the Quickplay ladder aren’t going to fall for the same tricks as the CPUs. I recommend trying out your new tech and combos in the casual online modes stated above.

If you’re a beginner, learn the more basic techniques such as dodging, shielding and parrying (or Perfect Shielding) before attempting the advanced individual fighter techniques.

4. Learn From Your Opponent, and Mix It Up

Something I’ve actually been focusing on more recently is carefully studying your opponent’s habits in order to better counter them. Watch how they react to your attacks. Do they have a tendency to jump over certain projectiles? Shield too much? Do they dodge onto the stage or use an attack to get up? These are the kind of things to focus on and learn in order to efficiently counter an opponent, especially if you’re at a disadvantage.

So long, Donkey Kong!

So long, Donkey Kong!

With this in mind, you then need to apply it to your own gameplay. Don’t over-use an attack or a defensive option, mix it up often so that your opponent isn’t able to read you as much. Sometimes, you’ve just got to be in it for the long run and this is an excellent way to win a more difficult battle.

5. Fight to Improve, Not Always to Win

At the end of the match, you are still playing a video game. This is something that is easily forgotten when you watch your GSP go up and down as you play. Many players almost believe that this number defines them and is an indication of how good they are at the game, but it’s just not that simple. When you focus on GSP and breaking into Elite Smash as your only goal, it’s unlikely that you’re going to get there.

Winning isn't everything, but it sure is fun!

Winning isn’t everything, but it sure is fun!

The real way to get up there is to focus on yourself, not the number. Watch replays of your matches and save those that you lost. Take a look at why exactly you didn’t win. Do you notice a pattern? Are you using way too many predictable moves? Do you shield too much? If you really want to get better, enjoy the game for what it’s worth and allow every game to become an opportunity to improve upon yourself, because that’s the only true way to increase your GSP. I mean, if getting to Elite Smash was as simple as just playing a fighter, we’d all be there, right?

Don’t forget that the GSP barrier for Elite Smash gets higher and higher all the time, and once you get in, you can actually fall out of it again if your GSP gets too low. Just remember to have fun and play the fighters you want to play. If I can get Isabelle into Elite Smash, then anyone can get any fighter up there. Good luck!

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