5 Characters That Could Be the Last Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter

With one more slot left to go, which character could potentially join the fray and throw down in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Kazuya Mishima has recently joined the diverse and robust cast of characters in the Smash Bros. franchise. We have five potential fighters that could take that final slot.

5 Characters That Could Be The Last Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Cover

The smashing frenzy is back for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans with the latest edition to the roster, Kazuya Mishima from the Tekken franchise. For many Tekken fans, this was a treat to behold; for many unfamiliar with the franchise… not so much. However, there are tons of selections to choose from on the character select screen. That being said, Kazuya is the second to last DLC character that will be featured in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

At the same time, many players will focus on fighting hordes of Kazuyas this week online. The new speculation of the last fighter to grace the roster is still waning above some people’s heads. Who could be next? We don’t have a crystal ball, but they’re always room to predict who joins up with our beloved cast of characters. Here are five characters that could be the last Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter.

1. Jonesy

Yes, let’s start by saying that Fortnite is arguable “The King of Guest Characters” in any video game. The fact that you could have Kratos can go up against Black Panther in a build-a-thon shows you how depth the game’s skin accessibly is. While Nintendo is vastly limited in the characters, they can snatch up. Jonesy’s name has been in the rumor mill for some time. Jonesy or the default skin in Fortnite could be a great addition to the roster.

Could we see Fortnite invade Smash Bros. as well?

Could we see Fortnite invade Smash Bros. as well?

Similar to Steve before him from another structure-building focused game of Minecraft. There are many ways Nintendo can get creative with Jonesy’s move set. For example, the glider could be an evident Up-B special move. There could a building aspect in the moveset. Also, it opens a possibility of alternate costumes in the form of classic Fortnite skins.

2. Master Chief

Now, this would be epic! Recently Nintendo and Microsoft relationships have been in speculation of late. With constant rumors of a partnership between both giant companies. Now hear me out. Yes, Master Chief is an Xbox exclusive character, but two Microsoft-owned characters made it to Smash: Steve and Banjo. Both Mojang and Rare are companies owned by Microsoft.

Given two Microsoft property owned characters made a Smash appearance, The Chief isn't an outside possibility.

Given two Microsoft property-owned characters made a Smash appearance, The Chief isn’t an outside possibility.

Again, it’s a farfetched idea, but it would definitely surprise a ton of people. Honestly, Master Chief would fit in nicely with the robust cast of Smash Bros. The Spartan has an array of weapons in his arsenal that matches the firepower Smash‘s mayhem can dish out. It’s a pipe dream, but we hope this dream becomes a reality.

3. Rayman

Could we see a proper return of Rayman without the annoying Rabbids? Rayman would make a solid addition to the roster and would be a welcoming one. For the most part, Nintendo has been focusing on the Rabbids and their adventures with Mario and the gang. However, Rayman has been around for such a long time. A memorable character is noticeable in the retro gaming world like Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man, and Mega Man.

Could we see the return of the iconic hero?

Could we see the return of the iconic hero?

It wouldn’t hurt to add another retro icon into the mix. There was even a letter from a fan asking Nintendo to add Rayman to the roster. Rayman is also featured in Brawlhalla, another mash-up fighter that hosts a ton of guest characters. Could he join the Smash roster as well? 

4. Crash Bandicoot

Speaking of iconic characters, there is a crazy bandicoot that many players would love to play within Smash. Crash has made a huge resurgence as of late. From the critically acclaimed remaster to the most recent game in the series Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. Now Crash has never been in a fighting game before. Surprisely not even in  Sony’s Super Smash Bros. attempt with PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royal.

Crash deserves a second chance in an actual Smash Bros. game.

Crash deserves a second chance in an actual Smash Bros. game.

However, we feel Crash could get a chance at redemption in being in an actual Smash Bros. game. The creativity is there with a moveset that may include TNT boxes, Aku-Aku, and of course, the iconic spin attack. In addition, of course, the colorful cast of Neo Cortex, Coco, Dingodile, and others would make for great spirits. If not Crash, maybe Spyro?

5. A Soul Calibur Character

One thing we know about Sakurai is that he has genuine love and appreciation for fighting games. Just look at the roster additions from different fighting games: Ryu, Ken, Terry, and the most recent addition Kazuya from Tekken. However, there are plenty of fighters out there that have yet to be touched. Many would say Mortal Kombat, however, remember this still a kid’s game. The stigma of a violent game such as Mortal Kombat would not sit well properly with the Smash Bros. roster.

Could we see another fighting game character join Smash?

Could we see another fighting game character join Smash?

So the alternative would be Soul Calibur, another historic and popular franchise from Bandai Namco. Also, we know Sakurai has a thing for sword-wielding fighters, so a Soul Calibur fighter character would be perfect. Nightmare would make an excellent choice with Siegfried as an alternative costume. Cassandra, Mitsurugi, and Taki would be great as well. Probably not Ivy or Voldo for obvious reasons. Remember, this is still a kid’s game. However, it would be nice if the series returns the favor to Nintendo for borrowing Link in Soul Calibur II.

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