Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Best Controller Setting From ZeRo

The history of Super Smash Bros. e-Sports is a long and hilarious one. Many memes and lots of teary-eyed victories alike have been created through the effort of some of the best pro smash players in the world. As in any sport, there must be a number one, and that number one for Super Smash Bros. Wii U is "ZeRo" a player from Tempo Storm, and these are his best controller settings!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Best Controller Setting changes From ZeRo
Since 1999 Nintendo has been gearing up for the biggest crossover in gaming history. Forget Infinity War, because there are 75 (including the newly released Pirhanna Plant) different fighters to choose from in Super Smash Bros. Ultimates expanding roster. The best Smash U player in the world, Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios, has graced us with his mountain of knowledge regarding the game's mechanics. These are the best controller settings straight from the legend himself.

Stick Sensitivity 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Best Controller Setting changes From ZeRo. High
One of the first places console players go to after they have purchased a new game is the controller settings. As every controller user knows, the sensitivity of the thumbsticks gives players an opportunity to improve their game and become quicker and more precise with every strike. By setting your stick sensitivity to high, "ZeRo" says this is a very common trick used by many pro players. Try this and see if it helps you beat those Legendary spirits. 

Triggers As Shield

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Best Controller Setting changes From ZeRo. Triggers
ZeRo has always felt comfortable on platforms, the reason why is because he has complete control of his shield. He set both his triggers as shield; by doing this he can move freely and pivot himself as need be without breaking the shield. Being able to defend yourself from your opponents heavier attacks is very important and this is one very efficient way to do so.

Set D-Pad to Shield

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Best Controller Setting changes From ZeRo. Shield
Another tip involving the shield; but this one doesn't actually use the shield. There are times in the game when one must furiously smash (yes that is a play on words) every button as fast as humanly possible, such as trying to escape a grab. The way the game works is that after a certain number of inputs from the controller, it will then release you from the grab; try setting the D-Pad from taunts to the shield. Mashing buttons will be easier than ever.

With this information the battlefield is yours, take your main confidently into the next battle. Let us know in the comments if you have any personal controller tips or preferences.

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