Persona 5’s Joker Joins Smash Ultimate Today in 3.0 Update

The long-awaited DLC fighter, Joker from Persona 5 joins Smash Ultimate later today. Alongside this is a ton of new features including a stage builder and video editor with Smash Ultimate's 3.0 update.

Persona 5's Joker Joins Smash Ultimate Today in 3.0 Update
Get ready Smash players, yesterday Nintendo dropped some big news. Smash Ultimate's big 3.0 update will release sometime today. What does it include I hear you ask? Well in a lengthy video released on YouTube Nintendo shared a ton of details.

So we've got a brand new stage builder feature. You can hand-draw platforms, you can even design them to move around automatically and set their movement paths. As well as having multiple layers so you can decorate your stage nicely. Aside from the stage builder is some video editing tools so you can make your slick smash montages or other highlights. Nintendo also revealed a new "Smash World" section being added to the Nintendo Switch mobile app that can be used to view custom stages, videos, and other content, you'll be able to download content via your phone to your Switch which is neat.

Most importantly though, Nintendo revealed that tomorrow's 3.0 Update will coincide with the release of Challenge Pack 1 featuring Joker from Persona 5. The video above gives a full breakdown of his moveset. I'll admit I'm slightly disappointed that he only uses his first persona, Arsene but he still looks cool as hell in game. Joker's stage will be a recreation of Momentos, the endless subway dungeon from Persona 5. His fellow Phantom Thieves appear in the background as the fight takes place, but I'm not sure if they actually do anything or if they're just background decorations but it's still pretty cool to see them.

In a pretty crazy surprise, the DLC pack will include 11 songs from Persona. Even better is that they're not just limited to Persona 5's amazing OST but music from Persona 3 and 4 will also feature. To top it off, during fights on Momentos if songs from Persona 3 or 4 starts playing then the usual red color of the world will change to blue for a Persona 3 song or yellow for a Persona 4 song. As a final reveal, Nintendo showed off some Persona options for Mii Fighter fans. You'll be able to get costumes based on Persona 3 and 4's player characters for Mii Swordfighters as well as Morgana and Teddie hats too.

That's not all for Persona fans though, Atlus has a live Persona concert scheduled at the end of the month and they've teased more information on the upcoming Persona 5: The Royal, as well as another teaser for something known as "P5S" which we're all pretty sure, is a Switch port of Persona 5 to go along with Joker in Smash. At the time of writing this, neither the 3.0 update or Challenger Pack 1 are available but they should release sometime today and I cannot wait.

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