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F1 22 Strategy Guide – How To Dominate Every Race in F1 22

F1 22 strategy guide is what you need to dominate every race in F1 22 game. With this strategy guide, you'll learn from tyre strategies to pit strategies and understand the Formula 1 strategy terms like undercut and overcut.

F1 22 Strategy Guide - How To Dominate Every Race in F1 22 KeenGamer Cover

Dominating every race in F1 22 is the dream of every racing pilot in the sport. Even though this success depends on so many factors, particularly how good the Formula 1 car you are racing with is, it is still possible to win a Grand Prix with a good race and pit stop strategy.

If you watched the 2022 Formula One World Championship, you most likely saw one of Scuderia Ferrari’s strategy mistakes. Despite having a race-winning Formula One car and talented racing pilots, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, they couldn’t manage the races with a good strategy, didn’t plan their races well and ended up losing so many points at critical times.

So, strategy matters in Formula 1 races, as well as having a good racing car. This F1 22 strategy guide will show you how to dominate every race in your F1 22 career.

f1 22 calibration settings

F1 22 Calibration Settings screen.

First Things First, Adjust Your Controller Settings Properly

Before making a strategy plan for the first race in your F1 22 career, which is usually the Bahrain Grand Prix, you should adjust your controller settings if you play the game with a controller.

Racing with an adequately adjusted controller setup will positively affect your pace and help you successfully turn the most difficult curves. To adjust the controller properly, you can check out the F1 22 Controller Setup Guide.

Optimize On-Screen Display (OSD)

After adjusting your controller settings, you can now optimize your on-screen displays. In F1 22, the screen can become congested. While knowledge is useful, it is not always necessary to know everything that is going on in the race. So, OSD is definitely worth customizing your style to enhance your racing experience. 

The On-Screen Display settings can be changed to suit your needs. You can navigate to the menu item and then move, edit, or conceal any on-screen menus and overlays that appear while driving.

The virtual rear-view mirror comes in handy here to detect whether someone is attempting to pass you. Play with the settings until you discover the ones that work best for you.

An image showing Charles Leclerc's F175 car exiting from the pit line and undercutting Max Verstappen's Red Bull Racing. This is an excellent example of F1 22 strategies.

Undercutting means pitting earlier than expected to push with fresh tyres and overtake your opponent.

Understand The Terms Undercut And Overcut

Let’s talk about some in-race strategy terms: undercut and overcut. These terms will be good to know and will affect your in-game strategies. 

Let’s start with the term “undercut.” When you’re stuck behind a driver and can’t overtake him on the track, you can pit earlier than your opponent expected to undercut him with fresh tyres. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say undercutting is just intentionally stopping for a pit earlier than the opponent anticipates.

But don’t forget, to undercut your opponent successfully, both of you should be in the pit window or close to the pit window. Before stopping for the pit, check the MFD to make sure that the traffic after the pit is clear, so you don’t get stuck.

Since the tyres’ temperature at the pits’ exit has decreased in F1 22, undercutting has become more difficult than ever. And because of this, another strategy, called the “overcut,” became more popular in the new season. 

The “overcut” is the opposite strategy of the undercut. If your tyres are still fast while everyone else is pitting, it is worth taking a chance to stay out. Then, if the air is clean, you can use your tyres until they wear out. On the other hand, your opponents might lose time after their pit stops because they are still trying to fight each other or because they still need to warm up their cold, new tyres.

Learn How To Get Faster

With the new Formula 1 car, the way people drive has also significantly changed. So, there are some things to think about when comparing this game to the one from last year. To get faster with this new car, you should keep in mind some things like the following: 

  • This year’s cars are sensitive, so don’t just step on the gas when you want to speed up. Instead, ease into it.
  • Driving is easier with ABS and traction control, but they always slow you down. As soon as possible, turn them off!
  • The ideal visual line is pretty as a cornering aid, but it’s not very useful because it rarely matches reality. Switch it off!
F1 22 Strategy Guide - How To Dominate Every Race in F1 22

Setup your car for the next circuit with the best F1 22 car setups.

Setup Your Car For The Next Circuit

With 22 circuits, the 2022 season of Formula 1 had the most extended racing calendar in F1 history. Every racing circuit has its own unique features, curves, and straights. Setting up your car according to the track’s features is essential to winning the race on that circuit.

This year, too, there are five presets for how to set up your car. Try them out and slowly change each part to fit your needs.

Or you can check out F1 22 best car setups to make your car better for the next track. You can find the best car setups for many circuits, including Bahrain, Australia, Miami, Monza, Spa, Monaco, etc. Here, you can adjust the front and rear wing aero, differential, brake bias, tyre pressure, and suspension settings.

Spend Some Time in Time Trial Mode To Master The Circuit

As in the previous game, the best way to get better at a track is to use the Time Trial mode. Here, you are alone on the track and can practice every corner for an infinite number of laps, testing where to brake and improving.

But this mode is great because it gives you a challenge as well. On the track, the ghost car of a player who is slightly faster than you will appear. After a couple of laps, you’ll see right away how you’re getting better than your closest competitors.

F1 22 Strategy Guide - How To Dominate Every Race in F1 22 - Tyre Strategies KeenGamer

Adjust your tyre strategy based on the circuit you’ll race on.

Adjust Your Tyre Strategy Before The Race

Since the 2022 season, all drivers have been able to start on any tyre they want. This is a big part of the strategy. Soft tyres are faster at the start, so you might be able to move up a few spots on the first lap. But they wear out faster than other tyre compounds, so you will have to stop sooner if you choose to start with soft tyres.

Medium tyres give you more freedom because they last longer, so you can decide when to make a pit stop. This is especially important if you want to do an undercut or overcut.

In some situations, starting on the hard tyres can be helpful. Most of the time, you start at the back of the pack and try to make your stint as long as possible so that you only have to make one stop.

One Pit Stop Strategy Can Work Well in Some Races

Before you start the race, you also try to make a plan for how many stops you want to make. But if you don’t run the whole race, it’s a lot easier to decide what to do.

The one pit stop strategy is almost always the best choice for races of 50 percent or less. The AI will sometimes try to do a two-stopper. Don’t let that throw you off. Since the race isn’t long enough for this to be a good use of time, you will almost always beat those who stop twice.

Adjusting Fuel Load Properly Makes You Faster

In addition to choosing the right tyres and how many pit stops you’re going to do, you also have to choose the right amount of fuel before a race. During free practice, it can be very helpful to finish the race strategy program in career mode. Based on how much fuel you use in this simulation, you’ll be able to choose a custom amount of fuel before the race that is much better than the standard amount.

If you are racing on a track where there is a high chance of a safety car, you can take a chance and load less fuel than you need. The fuel you save behind the SC can then be used to keep going.

F1 22 Strategy Guide - How To Dominate Every Race in F1 22 - Fuel Load KeenGamer

Fuel Load is an important factor that affects your pace.

Get Support From Your Race Engineer

Your race engineer, whose voice is done by McLaren star Marc Priestly, can tell you useful things. You can also ask him to give you advice or a quick summary of what’s going on. He might tell you it’s time for a pit stop, or he might give you some other useful information.

If you don’t want to be distracted by the engineer during a tricky part of a race, you can turn him off by toggling “Engineer Quiet.” If you don’t know how to do this, go to the options menu and look at your keybinding settings.

So, these are all about the F1 22 strategy guide. This strategy guide will almost certainly land you on the podium. But every race is different, and sometimes you will have to make quick decisions instead of being well-prepared. So you might have to change your plan based on what happens during the race.

If you haven’t gotten the game yet, you can purchase it on Steam and Origin for PCs, on the PS Store for PS4 and PS5, and on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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