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F1 22 Announced with 1st July 2022 Release Date

Get ready for lights out! EA have just announced the F1 22 release date willl be on 1st July 2022 on PS4, PS5, XBOX X/S, Xbox 1 and PC. New tracks and features have been announced as well, including VR and sprint races. However we are yet to see any gameplay footage or screenshots as of yet.

F1 22 release date cover

The F1 22 release date was announced on Twitter by EA along with a trailer and press release. Created by EA and Codemasters, it’s coming out just under a year on from the previous release. We will see the new Miami Autodrome track and the recent updates to the real world tracks in Australia and Abu Dhabi. Thank god we will see some wider corners on those brutal tracks. Features such as My Team, Career mode, and Online multiplayer will return, although EA has commented that these will be updated with new features.

F1® 22 | Announce Trailer

Unfortunately details are light on the ground at the moment. No gameplay footage or final product screenshots are available. But with the July release date being relatively soon, we can expect more information to be dropped soon. Hopefully aspects that were dropped from F1 21 will have a comeback, for example fuel mix management.

New Features

The F1 22 release date announcement also reveals the new features. These include VR compatability, 2-player Split Screen and Sprint Races. The website also states “New race options in F1® 22 will give you more control over your virtual F1® race day, with the opportunity to choose between immersive and broadcast style Formation Laps, Safety Car periods, and Pit Stops.”

F1 Senior Creative Director at Codemasters, who developed the game with EA has commented on the new handling model as well to the official F1 website.

Alongside the real-world changes, we have updated the physics to accommodate the new aero rules and reworked the tyre model, making the handling more true to life. With new and updated circuits, adaptive AI, ‘F1 Life’, and expanded gameplay options.

– F1 Senior Creative Director at Codemasters, Lee Mather

Judging from these comments the F1 series will keep moving towards realism and technical skill for fans looking for a realistic experience.

Excited about the release date announcement for F1 22? Hoping for returning features such as fuel mix changes? Let us know in the comments!

Source: F1 22 page on EA Website

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