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5 Best F1 22 Mods

Here are the best 5 F1 22 mods that will improve your gameplay. You can time travel with these F1 22 mods to hear the V8 hybrid engines' beautiful sound and race in the upcoming 2026 era, or you can change the livery of the cars and just use mods like the telemetry tool that makes you the best of the F1 22 circuits.

5 Best F1 22 Mods

Although it is limited to modding racing games like F1 22, the community has been very imaginative in adding additional great content to the game. These F1 22 mods can positively affect the gameplay and greatly increase the enjoyment you will get from the game.

Currently, it is possible to find quality F1 22 mods only on RaceDepartment, and the website requires free registration to download mods. There isn’t an incredible variety of choices, as most F1 22 mods are purely livery-related.

Besides the community, Codemasters, the developer of the game, develops some add-ons over F1 2021 too. As you know, F1 22 came out on July 1st, and Codemasters is pushing the franchise forward with a number of exciting changes. 

These include the era of the Formula One car with overhauled rules, circuit changes to Abu Dhabi and Australia, and a new feature called F1 Life that aims to give you a taste of the glamorous lifestyle of a driver. The big new addition is the F1 Life hub that allows you to showcase your branded clothing, accessories, and supercars accumulated as you play the game. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best available F1 22 mods and how to install the mod you like.

5 Best F1 22 Mods - F1 Life Hub

F1 Life Hub is one of the biggest add-ons of F1 22.

F1 2026 – Game Overhaul

The 2026 season is still a long way off, but Formula 1 fans are already looking forward to it because of a change in regulations that will usher in a new era of the sport and reset every team’s chances.

The F1 2026 – Game Overhaul Mod” offers you a taste of the 2026 season. The mod includes new driver lineups, fantasy liveries, and debuting teams. It also marks the return of Toro Rosso as a team and Michelin tyres. The mod also changes the start and in-game menu to reflect the 2026 season’s theme. 

Overall, it is a complete package that will make you live a possible 2026 season in F1 22.

F1 2026 Mod | Beta Release Trailer

Telemetry Tool for F1 22

Modern-day racing success is based not just on talent, but also on the effective use of data. That’s why the live data is extremely useful, as it allows you to see how well you’re doing in real-time and make changes to your driving style accordingly.

The Telemetry Tool for F1 22 Mod” enables you to see your race data live in a graphical way. This is very helpful for identifying problems in your car or simply seeing how fast you’re going.

The telemetry system works this way: Sensors at the source measure electrical or physical data and then send this information to a remote location for analysis.

Livery and Cosmetics Mods

As mentioned before, most F1 22 mods are likely to focus on modifying the cars’ livery or other cosmetic things such as race suits and helmets. There are numerous upgrades available to give your automobile a fresh paint job.

2023 Polaroid Alfa Romeo

One of the most popular F1 22 mods is the 2023 Polaroid Alfa Romeo. This collection contains automobile customizations, designs, team kits, and other goodies. The car’s eye-catching black and purple appearance sets it apart from the crowd. The following things are included in this mod pack: 

  1. Car Livery 
  2. F2 Drivers Numbers 
  3. Racecrew Attires 
  4. Pitcrew Attires 
  5. Driver Suits, Caps, Boots, and Gloves

LucasDesigns’ 2022 Season Mod

You’ll be puzzled about what to choose and what to leave with so many designs, mods, and items to work with. However, if you only enjoy official liveries and a variety of additional mods, LucasDesigns has you covered. The following objects are included in the mod:

  1. Official Liveries 
  2. 2022 Vehicle Performance 
  3. Official Helmets 
  4. Official Race Suits
5 Best F1 22 Mods - 2022 Season Mod

LucasDesigns’ 2022 Season Mod adds new official driver suites.


If you want to change the hud style as in the F1TV, here is a great mod for you: F1TV – TV Style Hud.

This F1 22 mod not only allows you to change the leaderboard design, but it also allows you to change the lap timer, pit timer, FIA Penalties & Observed Driver Warnings, tyre wear, live speed, weather, fastest sectors, and the driver ahead & behind visuals.

V8 Hybrid Engine Pack Mod

This F1 22 mod takes you back to the time when everyone’s favorite engine sound rises on the F1 circuits.

The “V8 Hybrid Engine Pack Mod” modifies the audio of modern car engines to mimic the sound of good old V8 engines, whose period began in 2006 and ended in 2013.

The V8 Hybrid Engine pack contains 6 different V8 Hybrid engines, including BMW, Ford, Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche, and Renault, that can replace the engine audio of the current cars.

Venturi Studios 2023 Mod

If you want to play F1 22 with liveries, helmets, and suits matching the real-life counterparts for the F1 2023 Season, you should check out Venturi Studios 2023 Mod. 

This F1 22 mod will also be updated constantly. So when the cars’ livery gets updated, or any change in the suits and helmets will come to the Venturi Studios 2023 mod.

Installing the “F1 23 Season Mod” could be challenging and different from any other F1 22 mods. That’s why it is good to take a look at its installing guide on Race Department

5 Best F1 22 Mods - Venturi Studio 2023 Mod

Venturi Studio 2023 Mod brings 2023 car liveries to the F1 22.

How Do You Install Mods in F1 22?

In order to install F1 22 mods, you’ll first have to download the mod files from Race Department or any other website you find the mod you would like to download.

Most mods come with a “.pak” file that needs to be pasted into the game folder. After you download the mod, you’ll have a folder with all the mod files in a zip file. After you’ve extracted the mod file, all you have to do is copy those mod files and place them in your game’s installation folder.

When you launch the game after installing it, it will automatically search for and load any libraries located in the default path.

For example, if you own the game on Steam and the Steam library is at its usual location, you’ll need to move it to the following directory:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 22

Finally, after you’ve copied the files, all you have to do is launch your game and enjoy the mod you’ve installed. 

Remember that you can always reset your game’s files anytime you want through Origin or Steam. However, don’t forget that you may lose your in-game setup after you reset your game’s file. So you may want to check out our F1 22 controller setup afterward.

You can also check out either F1 22 car setup guides specifically for circuits like Miami, Portugal, and Brazil or F1 22 strategy guide if you want to be the Formula One world champion in F1 22 or just beat your friends. 

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