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F1 22 Crossplay Guide

Crossplay allows players from different platforms to race together online in F1 22. Here you will find everything you need about F1 22 crossplay feature, including what crossplay is, how you enable crossplay in F1 22, and in which mods you can use it.

F1 22 Crossplay Guide KeenGamer Cover

F1 22 is the latest game in Codemasters’ series of racing titles, and it got the much-loved crossplay feature, which allows players from different platforms to connect and play together online, improving matchmaking. 

The crossplay feature is available for the first time in Codemasters’ F1 game series in F1 22. However, before you use this feature, you’ll need to enable it first and also learn what modes you can use because some modes don’t support crossplay. 

F1 22 Crossplay Guide KeenGamer Cover

Crossplay allows players from different platforms to race together online in F1 22.

What is Crossplay?

Crossplay is a popular feature in many video games and lets players play with their friends who are playing on different platforms. It is really a must-have feature, especially for video games available on multiple platforms like F1 22.

When the game was initially released on July 1, 2022, it didn’t feature crossplay. Crossplay was meant to be accessible in F1 22 at launch, but it was postponed due to the development team’s location in Ukraine during the continuing Russian invasion of Ukraine. After several delays and numerous beta trials, Codemasters announced that F1 22 got the crossplay feature as it was expected in August. 

F1 22‘s crossplay feature was fully integrated at the end of August. From then, players became available to participate in social races and two-player career modes while playing on a variety of platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, and Origin. Besides, players even became available to invite friends from other platforms to join their session in the Social Race or Two-Player Career mode by clicking “Invite Friends.”

F1 22 Crossplay Guide - How to enable crossplay in F1 22

Crossplay can be enabled from Settings under Game Options.

How to Enable Crossplay in F1 22?

Before playing with friends from other platforms, you must enable the crossplay in F1 22 since it is switched off by default. You can easily turn F1 22 crossplay on by following these instructions: 

  1. Select “Game Options” from the Main Menu
  2. Go to “Settings” 
  3. Scroll to the right, and you’ll find the settings for crossplay at the end.
  4. Select this option to toggle crossplay on or off.

When you enable crossplay and select the supported modes, you can join sessions on all platforms. Players from other platforms can also be invited if they have crossplay enabled. Disabling crossplay will match you with other players in your console family, such as only PC players or only PlayStation players.

You can access your pending friend requests or session invites in Friends Hub, where you can also search and add new friends or players you recently played with. To access Friends Hub, come back to the Main Menu. If you play the game with a keyboard, use F10, or if you play the game with a controller, use the left thumbstick and select the Friends Option. 

When you host a session, head to the Invite Friends option in the lobby and invite them from there when you want to invite a player to your lobby from another platform.

When looking for an online lobby, you can check the server settings to verify whether cross-play is enabled. The words “Crossplay Enabled or Disabled” will be clearly written in the top line of the lobby details.

You can also see which platform the server host is on, whether it’s Xbox, PlayStation, Steam (PC), or Origin (PC). In the “Standings” display, you can see the platform each of your opponents is utilizing while in the lobby, practice, qualifying, or race sessions. Platform icons are clearly labeled to the left of the “Drivers” column.

F1 22 Crossplay Guide - Crossplay Available Modes

Crossplay available only for Social Play and Two-Player Career Modes

What Modes Can You Use Crossplay in F1 22?

Compared to previous generations, the game features a range of modes and new game additions. There’s the Social Race mode which lets you join races with other drivers across multiple platforms, a Two-Player Career co-op mode, and a Time Trial mode where you can compete against your own or other players’ times on specific tracks.

Although it has several game modes, F1 22 crossplay is only available in Social Play and Two Player Career. So, the crossplay feature arrived in F1 22 almost 8 months ago, and still, it is only available for some modes. This might be frustrating for some players.

All in all, F1 22 crossplay allows you to race with your friends on whichever platform they are playing on, in addition to improving matchmaking. It works only in Social Race and Two-Player Career Modes, and you must enable it from the general settings before using it.

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