Sony Deletes Bloodborne Tweet That Had Fans Excited

Teasing fans with a close-up view of Bloodborne’s cover and asking “can you see it?”, Sony sent fans into a frenzy of speculation. Yet quickly removed the Tweet not long after. It seems clear that it was just meant as a bit of fun rather than a tease of any sequel or remake on the horizon.

Sony Deletes Bloodborne Tweet That Had Fans ExcitedBloodborne fans simply cannot catch a break. Despite clamouring for a sequel to or remake of the beloved game, Sony has remained adamantly tight-lipped on the subject. Even developers FromSoftware have previously declared their interest in returning to the Gothic-Lovecraftian IP. But Sony has refused to comment.

That is why a seemingly cryptic tweet from Sony’s official Twitter account quickly sent the hype train into motion. In the tweet, Sony posted a zoomed-in image of a Hunter’s cap from Bloodborne’s box art, along with the phrase “can you see it? which PlayStation game cover are we zooming in on?” Naturally, fans quickly identified the game and began to speculate.

With so much talk around a remaster in recent months, is it any wonder fans took this as a sign that one might be on its way? Either that, or a sequel, or even a PC port to go along with the other first-party games making the leap from consoles. Sony must have realized their mistake and the potential damage of letting this speculation get out of hand, however, as they very quickly deleted the tweet.


Still Holding Out Hope

While it would be fantastic to see either a remake or sequel to Bloodborne (or both), this probably isn’t the way PlayStation would go about announcing it. For a start, the tweet was posted by Sony’s official Twitter account, rather than PlayStation’s. The latter has far more followers and is typically the place where announcements and updates have been made in the past.

That being said, the whole thing has added more fuel to fans’ fire. With the success of Bluepoint’s Demon Souls remake, players around the world have been hoping against hope that they would give Bloodborne the same loving treatment and a fresh coat of paint for modern audiences.

Sony has also recently acquired a stake in developers FromSoftware, with the primary goal of creating more console exclusives with the company. What better place to start than with an already popular IP complete with its own avid and ravenous fanbase?

Now would be as good a time as any to announce something, even if whatever it may turn out to be is a long way off, if only to vindicate the fans who have been holding out hope for so long.

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