Second Print of Bloodborne Comic Announced

Following the wild success of the Bloodborne comic, produced and printed by Titan Comics, the company is set to release a second print of the original issue. This news also comes complete with what fans have all been waiting for: a second issue!

Second Print of Bloodborne Comic Announced
Bloodborne was released in 2015 as a PS4 exclusive, and quickly grew a cult following, being critically acclaimed for its high-action gameplay and gritty story and setting. The comic book production company Titan Comics recently followed up on this success with a print of the very first Bloodborne comic titled The Death of Sleep, and fans have loved every second of it. They have loved it so much, in fact, that the entire print sold out soon after release and we've all been wondering when or if a second print will be underway.

Well we don't have to wonder anymore, as Titan Comics went to twitter this weekend to announce that a second printing of their first issue will be coming out on the 28th of March. Alongside this was the announcement that a second issue in the comic series is underway and will release on the same exact day! You can order from their website using the code JAN188660, according to their tweet. The new print of issue 1 is also reportedly using new cover art drawn by Jeff Stokely, the co-creator of The Spire comic.

Are you hyped for the announcement that a second issue is coming alongside a second printing of issue 1? Will this sate the appetites of fans eagerly waiting for the announcement of Bloodborne 2? We certainly have high hopes for both and will keep fans posted on new announcements as they come out.

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