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From Software Might Be Announcing a New Game at E3

From Software Might Be Announcing a New Game at E3

From Software have a new game in the works that they might be announcing at E3. There's also reports that Game of Thrones creator, George R.R Martin is involved in the project alongside Hidetaka Miyaz...

Bloodborne Modding: Secrets Uncovered

An introduction to the world of Bloodborne modding and a handful of its most influential members and contributors. Meet the people who are going beyond the nightmare to give you a taste of what is hid...

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Second Print of Bloodborne Comic Announced

Following the wild success of the Bloodborne comic, produced and printed by Titan Comics, the company is set to release a second print of the original issue. This news also comes complete with what fa...

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$800 Bloodborne Hunter Statue Announced

We are born of the cool stuff, made poor by the cool stuff, undone by the cool stuff. Fear the cool stuff. A new Bloodborne statue is announced, and the price is more terrifying than facing the Orphan...

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How to: Bloodborne

Bloodborne is known to be a tough game. However lot’s of people will confirm that it is rewarding and definitely worth to play. The game meets you with a feeling of frustration, so I wrote this guide ...

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Bloodborne – character customization video

Bloodborne - character customization video. How will you customize your character? What options will be available? IGN shows it in the video posted below. Watch it for yourself.

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Bloodborne – 30fps is intentional

Bloodborne - 30fps is intentional. PlayStationLifeStyle asked the Producer Masaaki Yamagiwa about the fps limit and he answered them that 30fps was found by the studio as the best choice for action ga...

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Bloodborne – new trailer

Bloodborne - new trailer. New trailer showing a cooperative boss fight.

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Bloodborne – 30 minutes gameplay

Bloodborne - 30 minutes gameplay. It's the same video as you could have seen at E3 but now it's whole without any missing pieces. Let's watch how you will die in few months :-).

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