Rumour: Bloodborne Remastered May Be Coming To PC And PS5

FromSoftware fans have reason to be excited if recent rumours about a Bloodborne remaster releasing on PC and PS5 turn out to be true. These claims, which were allegedly meant to be announced during the postponed PS5 event on June 4, also mention a Demon’s Souls remake coming to Sony’s next-generation system.

Rumour: Bloodborne Remastered May Be Coming To PC And PS5 cover

Youtuber PC Gaming Inquisition is responsible for providing the rumours about a Bloodborne remaster, with credible industry figures Wario 64 and Nibellion echoing his thoughts on Twitter. According to PC Gaming Inquisition, the remaster will feature “better textures and models, better load times, and other quality of life improvements.” Furthermore, the PC version of the game, which originally released exclusively for the PS4 in 2015, will run at 60 frames per second, with 4K and ultra-widescreen support.

The rumour goes on to mention that the Bloodborne remaster will be handled by Bluepoint Games and QLOC, the latter of whom was responsible for Dark Souls Remastered in 2018. Likewise, the video goes on to state that a full remake of Demon’s Souls is being developed by Bluepoint Games for the PS5 and was originally meant to close the now postponed PS5 Future of Gaming event. Demon’s Souls originally released in 2009 for the PS3, and marked the beginning of FromSoftware’s popular “Soulsborne” games – which many fans believe peaked with Bloodborne.

Bloodborne is getting a remaster - rumored details about rumored PC and PS5 ports

Finally, PC Gaming Inquisition mentions that Sony are planning to port more of their exclusives over to PC, similar to the upcoming PC port of Horizon: Zero Dawn; however, he didn’t go into detail about what games are under consideration. It’s important to note that the original sources were unnamed, and therefore unverified, meaning it would be wise to take all of this news with a grain of salt.

While you wait for the news of a Bloodborne remaster to be true or not, check out where we ranked it in our Top Ten Best PS4 Exclusives.

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