$800 Bloodborne Hunter Statue Announced

We are born of the cool stuff, made poor by the cool stuff, undone by the cool stuff. Fear the cool stuff. A new Bloodborne statue is announced, and the price is more terrifying than facing the Orphan of Kos (or some say Kosm).

$800 Bloodborne Hunter Statue Announced
Prime 1 has revealed a new Bloodborne statue that will be available on Sideshow. However, like all things Soulsborne, nothing comes easy, and this gloriously detailed piece will set you back $800. When considering all the work that's put into this Old Hunters inspired Hunter statue, it may be worth forking over the Benjamins.

The statue is expected to be roughly 32 inches tall, though the site notes that this may change as right now only a prototype exists. The piece will come with interchangable hands that hold the Saw leaver or the Hunter Axe. The statue also comes with a piece of street cut straight from the game, complete with streetlamp, street pillar, and recently slain mad townsman. A Sideshow exclusive version of the statue also comes with a hand holding the Threaded Cane.

Only 2000 of these hunters will be allowed to join the hunt, and only 1250 exclusive versions with the threaded cane will leave the Hunter's Dream. So if you're considering purchasing a hunter, it's better to act fast than to wait. The statue is expected to release between July and September 2018.

This isn't the only Bloodborne statue Prime 1 has available on Sideshow. They also have made available a Lady Maria statue, which goes for a cheaper, but still hefty, sum of $600. 

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