Bloodborne Modding: Secrets Uncovered

An introduction to the world of Bloodborne modding and a handful of its most influential members and contributors. Meet the people who are going beyond the nightmare to give you a taste of what is hidden inside!

Bloodborne Modding: Secrets Uncovered
After its release in 2015 Bloodborne had amazed many gamers with its haunting world and visceral gameplay. Fromsoft had created a game that simultaneously horrified people, yet intrigued them at the same time. Offering up a world that tested them at every turn with death and misery. Bloodborne still has a very active playerbase. From speedrunners to twitch streamers the game is still very much alive. Yet where the most interesting developments lie is in the modding community.  Like Dark Souls before it, many secrets have been left hidden from the casual player who wouldn't think to look very far. In this case, 'far' means inside of the game's code. Luckily, there are a few modders who have had the expertise/passion to delve into the mysteries of the game. In this article, we will look at the achievements of various modders who uncovered a vast amount of secrets hidden deep within Bloodborne. 

Unused chalice dungeons

In the main game, the Chalice Dungeons were optional areas where you could find extra loot and fight unique enemies. These were purely-combat areas and offered no real storyline. What is interesting then, is that these unused areas showcase encounter ideas that did not make it into the final game. Found by Zullie The Witch, the unused Chalice Dungeons are…interesting. Littered with powerful enemies and broken terrain, the dungeons themselves are chaotic. In the video link down below you can see a massive, eldritch monster fighting an enemy with a cannon before the monster then falls out of the world and assumedly falls forever. Due to the fact that the environment is not finished and contains nothing to stop the player from falling out of the map endlessly. Why are these dungeons so interesting you ask? Well considering that Bloodborne is a PS4 exclusive, it makes any discovery like this fascinating. Since console modding is notoriously difficult without the right tools and means. These rooms also show off what the developers had planned for the player in the Chalice Dungeons or at the very least what they were trying to deliver for the final game. I implore you to check out all of Zullie The Witch's content as it is fascinating.

Bloodborne - Enemy Test Chalices

the 'snake ball'

Bloodborne has a multitude of boss fights that seek to challenge the player and force them to adapt to whatever challenge they face. Almost all of the boss fights are thought out and provide a consistent challenge and quality to the experience. What we have to wonder however, is what bosses were left on the cutting room floor? Lance McDonald, a modder in the Bloodborne and Dark Souls community has done a lot of work modding both for the 'Soulsborne' series. From highlighting hidden areas in alpha builds of the game to discovering hidden developer test rooms used to, well, test the game. One of his biggest achievements in recent times was the discovery of a new boss in Bloodborne.

The 'Snake Ball' as it is called in-game, is a massive boss that towers over the player. Sprouting massive snakes that don't seem to have any kind of origin within. It is literally just a big ball of snakes. In the video down below Lance describes the entity as "an absolutely colossal boss" and that is easy to see. Lance also says that it has two lock-on points which, for anyone that has played Bloodborne, is unusual. But clearly necessary given its size. The boss itself is clearly unfinished with erratic attack patterns and unfinished textures. One has to wonder where this boss would have taken place and how difficult it would have been to the player in the final game.

Bloodborne Cut Boss - Snake Ball - Unused Enemy

breaking the boundaries

One of the more well-known content creators in this article, Shesez (host of the Youtube show Boundary Break) has also created some Bloodborne modding content. In collaboration with the previously mentioned Lance McDonald. Utilising a special camera that shows many hidden things in the environment. In the video Shesez shows us where the Cleric Beast comes from just before the boss fight starts. He also reveals how the developers handled things like, Father Gascoigne's transformation into a beast, halfway into the battle. Shesez and Lance's discoveries in this video show the overwhelming amount of detail put into the environment and the enemies. Details that you either would not notice or have the ability to fully appreciate during the main game. I won't go into the full details here of what they found but please check out the video below.

Off Camera Secrets | Bloodborne - Boundary Break

It is amazing what the modding scene for Bloodborne has uncovered in a relatively short amount of time. They are on the verge of even more discovery as I write this since Lance has now managed to get a fully working developer free camera into both Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3. I will eagerly await anything else that they should find and I do hope you check out this community since they are doing amazing things. 

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