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Bloodborne is known to be a tough game. However lot’s of people will confirm that it is rewarding and definitely worth to play. The game meets you with a feeling of frustration, so I wrote this guide to help to overcome the difficulties.

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In this guide I gathered almost everything you need to know if you want to start the game. If you have your own advice, please be sure to leave a comment and we will improve the guide together!


The developers removed the safety net of a shield. This is one of the key differences between DS series and Bloodborne. Now you can carry a weapon in each hand, a gun/firearm in one and an and axe, sword or hammer and so on in the other, but the kind of active defence you may have relied on in Dark Souls 2 is absent. While there are different character classes, all have to deal with close-up combat. A lot.

This forces you to take an aggressive combat style, especially as most of any health lost from attack can be regained by fighting back within a short window. Ranged weapons are for the most part not strong enough to be relied on either.

How to create a character

First hint: if you have never played Dark Souls, do not pick the “Waste of Skin”. The characteristics of this class are the lowest which allows you to create the exact hero you want to. However this leads to a very difficult start if you are unexpirienced.

In my opinion “Violent Past”  — is the best class to choose for those who never played DS before.

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When choosing which stats to upgrade, note that one of the key factors in determining your final damage output is scaling. Each weapon increases damage to a greater or lesser degree based on one or more Attributes. Check your favourite weapon to see which Attribute it best scales with, and pump that one up. Note that scaling drops off dramatically after you reach 25 points.

In general, greater Vitality (health) and Endurance (Stamina) never go astray, and will help you survive until you decide which Attributers to commit to for increased damage output.At the beginning of the game you will mostly fight, so it makes sense to pickwith the highest levels of the three characteristics: the life force, stamina and strength. The first one corresponds to the amount of health points (highly recommended), the second – to the amount of endurance (it is longer than the more jumps, rapids and bumps could fulfill the hero). The last one corresponds to the damage you make.

How to choose a weapon

Once you start Bloodborne and make it past your first fight, you’ll view a nice cut scene and head to Hunter’s Dream. From here, you can accept your first primary and secondary weapons. Currently there are three starter weapons for the primary slot, and two for the secondary.

Let's take a closer look:

Saw Cleaver

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The best all-around option for the primary weapon slot is the Saw Cleaver. It features average attack and speed, and is able to inflict just enough damage to your enemies to keep them on their toes.

Hunter Axe

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This weapon is the most powerful starter option, however it is also the slowest. Unlike the Threaded Cane and the Saw Cleaver, this weapon's long-form doesn't allow the player to use a firearm with it.

Threaded Cane

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The fastest starter weapon, this stylish cane converts to a whip when changed to its long-form option. It's the weakest of the three starter weapons, but the attack speed allows you to inflict damage on enemies quick enough that it doesn't make much of a difference.

Hunter Pistol

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The first starter secondary weapon is the most powerful of the two starter firearms. It's also the most precise, requiring players to take aim and wait for the perfect shot to hit their target.

Hunter Blunderbuss

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Although is isn't the greatest at range, the Hunter Blunderbuss is extremely powerful up close, and has an incredible spread, which makes it exceptionally easy to land hits with.

Second Hint: Try to save consumables, especially Molotov Cocktails. At the beginin of the game such stuff as oil urns and blood vials, but it ends shortly after leaving first location. Cocktails and oil urns will be higly demanded in a battle with Cleric Beast. Also, remember: hairy targets are weak to fire.

Once we hace created our character and picked the weapon let's come to the first bossfight.

How to beat Cleric Beast

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As it was mentioned higher, the objective is not that hard if you have enough Molotov Cocktails. Although he looks big and clumsy, but in fact, he is pretty nimble. His primary attacks in the first stage are sweeps with either arm and a slam with its left. Be very attentive! As you move towards the Beast, keep an eye on which arm it raises; if it’s the right, dash forward at a diagonal angle towards its right knee and you’ll dodge under the hit, and be behind it, giving you plenty of opportunity to land some hits. Be mindful of the Beast’s ability to swing behind or jump to safety.

Your best bet is to stay close to his backside once all your Molotovs have been used, as there’s very little it can do to you from here, and keep swinging. Every now and then you’ll take a hit, but it won’t do much damage and with a full 20 Blood Vials, you’ll be fine.

At certain points during the fight, Cleric Beast will emit a red aura, but this does no damage to you and renders him vulnerable for a good few seconds, so this is a good chance to use all your stamina on attacks. Soon enough the Beast will die. Once it’s down, at the end of the bridge will be a new lamp to ignite.

How to beat Father Gascoigne

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First of all – you will need Tiny Music Box. You can get it from the young daughter seeking her mother. It is higlhy recommended to have it in your quick item slot because every other time you use it Father Gascoigne will hold his head, opening him up to a fully charged attack. 

However there is a negative effect: you'll need to keep your distance to avoid his Hunter Axe and Blunderbuss. After stunning him three times with the Box, no matter how much damage you achieved, Father Gascoigne will transform into a hideous beast. While the Tiny Music Box will work the first time you use it on him in beast form, it will become useless after this, so get that last fully charged attack in.

There are a few strategies to deal with the beast form: The first strategy is to use the tombstones to avoid his attacks, throwing Oil Urns and then Molotov Cocktails to deal massive damage. The other is to use his aggressive attack style against him by using your gun to stagger him and then get a visceral attack.

How to beat Vicar Amelia

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Bloodborne‘s fourth big boss fight pins players up against the long-haired villain Vicar Amelia. Despite not appearing until a little later in the game, Vicar’s fight is actually not quite as complicated as some of those gamers had to survive to reach her lair. The devil can definitely wipe out the majority of a health bar in one swing if players leave themselves open, but by following these advice the fight should go in your favor.

First of all, stay behind her. To maximize DPS, players can use fire paper to light their weapons on fire and get a bit of bonus damage. Players will be mostly safe if they can dance around and stay behind Vicar, but always stay vigilant. Her rear attack doesn’t deal a ton of damage, though, so back away and regroup if things get too hairy.

Hint: to stop the heals use Numbing Mist. If that ability isn’t ready when the heal begins, then try to negate the heal with damage – is the best plan B.

Second of all, take your time. Do not rush. She has a ton of health and it is going to drop down slowly, so players need to be very careful to hang on to enough blood vials to survive the marathon fight. After five minutes or so of dodging and staying behind, the fourth boss should finally be in your rear view mirror.

How to get a flamethrower

Once you have slaughtered Father Gascoigne, return to the coughing man behind the caged window. His name is Gilbert. Go through all of his dialogues. While he acknowledges that he himself is in no condition to carry on the good fight, he is more than happy to bless you with his Flamesprayer.

Be very attentive during the game

The game wants you to discover it. And it is not easy (that’s why we like it, I guess). So read and listen. Read the discription of the of the items, listen to conversations. Sooner or later it will help you to discover the game.

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