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New Destiny Update to Fix Lag in Multiplayer and Iron Banner

Bungie's Destiny is working hard to become a fast-paced, well-balance FPS, and to prove that, they are rolling out a brand new update in the next couple of days to improve multiplayer gameplay for fans everywhere!

Lag in Destiny’s Iron Banner game mode? Quite strange. Well, that seems to be the talk in the current community. It seems understandable, though; the Iron Banner is a popular competitive game mode, and any problems in it will surely be hunted down and spotted by the community, as they did now. Currently, Bungie has announced that the Iron Banner Rift will go live January 26th, 10 a.m. PST, and Matchmaking will go live the day after on the 27th, same time.

Iron Banner Rift

Their plan is to carefully analyze both sets of separate data to receive maximum feedback and create the most efficient adjustments to the game. They want you, the player, to notify them of ANY feedback about the changes, whether it is for good or for bad.  Help them out, community, because developers can’t do it all on their own. They need to hear your voice!

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