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Destiny Update Brings Big Changes to Crucible

Over two years since its release and Destiny is still changing. For the longest time, shotguns have dominated the Crucible - Destiny's PvP mode. Bungie's latest update seeks to bring balance to the playing field by enhancing primary weapons and restricting the use of secondaries.

Destiny Update Brings Big Changes to Crucible
Bungie recently used a livestream to outline a number of changes coming to its controversial yet long-lasting FPS MMO, Destiny. The update pays particular attention to the Crucible and hopes to bring some much needed variety to a meta that favours high-impact shotguns, low-impact pulse rifles and mid-rate of fire hand cannons above all else. Though you can do well enough with almost any weapon on the lower end of the Crucible, your loadout will become crucial against higher-tier opponents, especially in Trials of Osiris.

Destiny players are no strangers to nerfs at this point, with so many being handed down over the years as to make gameplay from year 1 seem like a totally different game. The biggest changes to the Crucible once again come in the form of nerfs, with shotguns losing effectiveness across the board and secondary weapon ammo being lost upon death. Primary weapons have seem some improvement and, as such, you can expect to be dusting off your primary a lot more than you may have in the past.

Major class changes include a nerf to the Titan's rage-inducing Juggernaut ability and an unexpected change to the Hunter's Arc Blade, removing its ability to restore the user's shield upon a kill. Whether or not these changes will actually alter the types of weapons being equipped in the crucible is uncertain, but the changes to secondary ammo drops would suggest a slower, less aggressive style of play to soon be adopted.

For a more comprehensive list of changes look below:

Pulse Rifles –

– Effectiveness of High Calibre Rounds reduced.
– Base flinch reduced.
– Reduced rate of fire for low-impact pulse rifles as well as reduced magazine size.
– Increased rate of fire for high-impact pulse rifles.
– Increased in-air accuracy.

Hand Cannons –

– Vastly improved first shot accuracy.
– Damage fall off at range is only 33% instead of 50%.
– High Calibre Rounds now affects hand cannons.
– Reduced base range by 5 metres including changes to damage drop off and aim assist.

Scout Rifles –

– Increased in-air accuracy.
– High Calibre Rounds now affects scout rifles.

Auto Rifles –

– Increased in-air accuracy.
– Increased base damage to low rate of fire auto rifles.
– Increased crit-multiplier from 1.25 to 1.3.

Shotguns –

– Significantly reduced magnetism.
– Auto aim from the hip removed.
– Decreased in-air accuracy.
– Precision damage removed entirely.
– 20% more damage in PvE exclusively.
– Movement speed penalty removed.
– Rangefinder perk decreases aim down sight speed by 25%.

Exotics –

– Universal Remote can only get precision damage whilst aimed down sights.
– Unknown changes to Truth.
– Costs less ammunition to use Young Wolf's Howl's heavy attack.
– Unknown changes to Shinobu's Vow.

General Secondary Weapon changes –

– All ammo for shotguns, snipers, and fusion rifles is lost after respawning. Sidearms are unaffected by this.
– Ammo crate spawn time reduced from 90 seconds to 60 seconds.
– Pickup radius from ammo crates reduced from 100 metres to 75 metres.

Hunter Class –

– Hungering Blade no longer immediately starts health and shield regeneration, but instead gives a flat amount of health.
– Throwing knife now does solar damage.
– Unknown changes to Blink.

Warlock Class –

– Stormcaller melee range reduced.
– Landfall reduces total time in Stormtrance.
– Unknown changes to blink.

Titan Class –

– Juggernaut shield disables faster in mid-air.
– Juggernaut shield cannot be activated in mid-air.

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