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Destiny – update 1.0.3 info

Destiny - update 1.0.3 info.

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New update brings a lot of features which players were demanding for a while.

Highlights include the addition of new shaders as well as the ability to preview shaders. Public events will now occur 10-15 per cent more frequently. Bounty slots have increased from five to 10. And the long awaited Team Chat will be implemented.

Below are full patch notes.


  • Added a new social feature that enables users to access a channel for Team Chat

  • Matchmade teammates will now be able to talk to each other in Strikes and team-based Crucible matches

  • To learn more about how to toggle between chat channels, click here


  • Fixed an issue in which two players who performed a melee lunge simultaneously would teleport through each other

  • Fixed an issue in which Blink Strike damage would be caused by colliding with the Blink Strike, rather than melee impact

  • Fixed an issue in which Warlock Bonds dismantled into Titan materials


  • General

  • Reduced camera shake when being hit with explosive rounds

  • Perks:

  • Clown Cartridge: Replaced Clown Cartridge perk with other perks in shotgun upgrade trees

  • Headseeker: Fixed an issue in which the bonus Precision Damage perk did not always get applied


  • Missions

  • Buried City: Fixed an exploit in Mars that would clear all enemies from Clovis Bray

  • Strikes

  • Winter's Run: Fixed an exploit zone in the Aksor boss encounter

  • Difficulty will scale less for 3-player Fireteams, making Strikes less deadly for them

  • Heroics

  • Fixed an issue in which engrams earned during Daily and Weekly Heroic activities were not displayed in the post-game carnage report

Event: Iron Banner

  • Players must now be level 20 and above to lead an Iron Banner Fireteam

  • Players below Level 20 can only accompany players above Level 20

  • Lord Saladin now has 5 reputation ranks (increased from 3)

  • New Features Added: Tempered Buff, Reforging

  • For more detailed information, click here


  • Fixed several issues with the synchronization of cinematic subtitles in various languages


  • Combatants

  • Fixed an issue in which Vex Cyclops and Hive Shrieker health bars would not update properly

  • Reduced the number of Stealth Sword Vandals that spawn in the basement of the Terrestrial Complex on lower difficulties

  • Events

  • Public Events will occur 10-15% more frequently in all public spaces


  • Increased the number of Bounty slots in the Inventory from 5 to 10

  • Added shaders to Eva Levante's stock in the Tower

  • Shader preview functionality added to vendor and inventory screens

  • Emblems on vendors can now be previewed in the inventory screen

  • Marks and Reputation icons and meters were adjusted to better differentiate the two

  • Fixed an issue in which Strange Coins and Motes of Light would not route to the Postmaster if your inventory was full

  • Fixed an issue in which engrams were not displaying the possible contents in the Cryptarch vendor menu

  • Fixed an issue in which players did not receive Bounty or Mission credit when assisting in the killing of a Walker or Vex Cyclops

  • Armor Stat upgrade potentials added to item compare on vendor and inventory screens


  • General

  • Enabled revive scoring for Skirmish and Salvage

  • Fixed an exploit with revive scoring when entering a kill volume and having a teammate revive you for easy points

  • Adjusted Join in-Progress settings for all playlists to minimize long periods of unbalanced teams due to players quitting out of matches

  • Added new functionality to match pre-formed fireteams against each other

  • This will slowly roll out to all playlists over time, but will start with the 3v3 playlists

  • In 3v3 games, Fireteams of 2 or more players will match together more frequently

  • In 6v6 games, Fireteams of 4 or more players will match together more frequently


  • Won't Be Beat now triggers correctly when a team wins a game after coming back from a 500-point losing deficit

  • Mark of the Unbroken no longer requires a minimum player count

  • Sum of All Tears no longer requires a minimum player count

  • Sum of All Tears should now trigger consistently


  • First Light

  • Implemented multiple fixes to stop players from getting into advantageous positions

  • Blind Watch

  • Addressed some balancing issues for the Control gametype by moving Zones, modifying routes, and adding cover objects

  • Adjusted landing and respawn points to accommodate new geometry changes

  • Added protection to prevent players from getting on top of a pipe high above the intended playable space

  • Firebase Delphi

  • Added protections to prevent players from getting outside the intended playable area between Control Zone A and the crane room

  • Rusted Lands

  • Blocked off the monitors above Control Zone A to prevent players from hiding in them

  • Shores of Time

  • Added a Vex pillar to prevent players from sniping through the small gap on the ninja platform

  • Implemented multiple fixes to stop players from getting into unfairly-advantageous positions

  • Exodus Blue

  • Multiple fixes implemented to stop players from getting into advantageous positions, especially the giant hose reel near Control Zone A

  • Fixed an issue with visibility culling behind Control Zone A

  • Twilight Gap

  • Adjusted landing points to keep players from fighting too soon in Rumble matches

  • Added protections to prevent players from getting into unintended areas, for example, atop the security camera at Control Zone C

  • Added geometry to fill in small gaps that let players see out of the world


  • Improved the readability of Grenade and Melee recharge states

  • Improved the visibility of objectives in the Motion Tracker

  • Improved the visual look of Revive waypoint and Last Man Standing

  • Added skull modifier descriptions to the Navigation Mode screen

  • Fixed an issue in which the names of downed teammates did not always display on-screen


  • Destiny version number to added to the Character Login screen

  • Added dialog imagery for various events

  • Fixed an issue in which new items available from the Special Orders vendor would not show up in the message count in the Director

  • Fixed an issue in which a PlayStation Plus dialog was mistakenly shown when selecting a specific PVP activity

  • Added countdown timers for weekly/special events

  • Fixed various issues with Director animations

  • Fixed an issue in which the Player/Inventory screen would sometimes close during certain parts of the spaceflight sequence

  • Added the post-game carnage report for the previous games during Matchmaking search


  • General

  • Fixed an issue in which cursor speed in 4:3 and PAL was not consistent

  • Roster

  • Network Connection Quality Indicators now added to the Roster

  • New icons added to the scoreboard and roster to indicate voice problems due to connection issues (NAT issues)

  • Added support for direct fireteam joins from the roster on the Xbox One

  • Inventory

  • Updated Spinmetal, Relic Iron, and Helium Filaments icons to better represent in-game visuals

  • Fixed and updated several inventory icons

  • Fixed and updated several talent tree icons


  • Improved audio cues for sticking others and being stuck with certain Grenades

  • Fixed an issue in which an audio cue would not play when completing a Bounty

  • Fixed an issue in which "Guardian down!" referenced the wrong gender in French, Spanish, and Portuguese


  • Added the ability for the Bungie DOC to send in-game alerts and messages

  • Fixed stability issues across all platforms

  • Fixed an issue that would cause a rare crash during space flight into activities

  • Improved patch installation process

  • Implemented PS3-specific performance optimizations

  • Fixed some issues causing beetle and lionfish Kicks to Orbit

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