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Destiny Halloween items leaked

Destiny is looking forward to seeing yet another major update with Festival of the Lost. However before the patch could be released, it has been plundered. Here are all the details that have been found of the update.

Destiny Halloween items leaked
Destiny's latest patch "Festival of the Lost" is scheduled to patch Destiny with some new weapons, armour and quests. However before the patch could be released, a complete list of quests, weapons, armour and everything else was released onto Reddit. That entire list can be found below:

The Festival will work the same with a few changes.

  • Festival of the Lost will take place in the Tower and Felwinter peak
  • Tyra Karn will give out Quests as well as Eva Levante.
  • Eva Levante will give you candy bags to collect candy.
  • You can collect candy by killing enemies (PvE and PvP)
  • Quests will include doing certain things, some while wearing certain masks.
  • Giving a full bag to Eva will reward you with a rare mask.
  • Rare masks can be broken down into paper scraps (used to make more masks)
  • Legendary masks can be broken down into glue (To make rare masks legendary.)
  • Last year you got one legendary mask for each character. To obtain for you have to purchase them with silver.
  • Rares will not last beyond the festival, legendarys will.

New Kiosk by the Emblem/Shader Kiosks that holds all the Masks.

Whole Collection

New Masks

Old Masks that have been updated








Furthermore, to tie in with the Festival of the Lost, Bungie have released a PDF where you can create your own mask to celebrate the event. The website to do this can be found here

Masks for Real-Life Guardians

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