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5 changes we want to see in destiny 2

Bungie needs to make som major changes for Destiny 2. While Destiny is a solid foundation, it is riddled with design flaws that need to see improvement. These are the five things that we want to see changed or fixed for Destiny 2.

5 Changes I Want To See In Destiny 2
Bungie has announced that Destiny 2 will be releasing later this year, on September 8th, and this has me cautiously excited. I'm not quite full out excited because I feel they do have quite a bit of work to make Destiny 2 a great game. Destiny is an okay foundation, but it suffers from quite a few problems that I need to see addressed for the sequel. So here are the five changes I need to see in Destiny 2. 

1. Physics

First up is definitely the physics engine. Just about everyone who has played Destiny for any real period of time has died due to the horrible physics engine. Unlike in the real world, jumping into something in Destiny will send your character flying back in the opposite direction. It is incredibly awkward and needs to see major improvements in Destiny 2, especially if they plan to have some of the raid focus on platforming again.  

2. Loot

Loot can be the bane of any Destiny player's experience. It was exceptionally bad when the game first launched and your great exotic engram that you worked really hard to get wasn't guaranteed to be an exotic, because you know, logic. Thankfully, that much has been since and now engrams are at the minimum going to give you an item of their color. However, that doesn't make the loot system good. Items of lower levels still drop with a frustrating frequency. This makes it incredibly time-consuming to level up because you have to hope the game actually gives you something of use and not another 385 blue item. I'm level 390 game, these blue items are just wasting everyone's' time.

3. Lore

Destiny's lore can actually be pretty interesting at times, which makes it a true shame Bungie had no clue how to actually incorporate it into the game. Their first mistake was making the grimoire exclusive to the Destiny appThere is no reason for this. It could have easily been in the game so curious players could look certain things up as they were happening. It is just a bizarre thing to leave out of the game and relegate only to the app. They also could have had good writing and characters that weren't just cardboard cut-outs of each other. The writing was also atrocious.  I don't' think I need to bring up the infamous "that wizard came from the moon," line.

Hand cannons are incredibly powerful right now.

4. The Grind

Every MMO has a grind aspect to it, however, Destiny took it to the extreme. For starters, Destiny is a shooter that just happens to borrow some MMO qualities, which is part of the reason the grind is so terrible. You have to grind for loot to level up and hope the RNG gods bless you with higher level gear just to level up, then you have run raids to get certain exotic gear and even then what you need is only a chance drop. If you are running a raid that often takes hours for a quest, then it should be a 100% drop. to get what you need. These are small things that can be pumped up, these are often activities done throughout the week because they can take hours to complete. They should always drop gear that is higher than what you have. That would make the raids feel worth it and get rid of the feeling of slamming your head against the wall hoping it breaks before your head does.

5. Balance

This is an incredibly difficult aspect to manage, but not an impossible one. There are always going to be meta guns and builds, but they shouldn't' be so overpowering everything else feels worthless. Unfortunately, that is how it feels in Destiny's PvP. Right now, if you are now using a powerful hand cannon, you have a high chance of getting wasted by people that do. There is also shoulder charge, an instant kill melee attack that doesn't use up your melee charge. I find that incredibly overpowered, especially since it can be used over and over again. The other classes simply don't have an ability like this or one to properly counter it. There is just no reason not to use that over anything else. Destiny is completely broken in this aspect, but I do feel that it needs work.

I don't think Destiny is a bad game, but I don't think it is near as good as it could be. With these five changes, I think Bungie would be on the right track to make Destiny a much-improved experience. There is always room to grow and when it comes down to it, I've been playing Destiny for three years now, certainly far above my usual time with a game. So I will remain cautiously optimistic about Destiny 2 and hope Bungie has learned from their mistakes.

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