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5 changes we want to see in destiny 2

Bungie needs to make som major changes for Destiny 2. While Destiny is a solid foundation, it is riddled with design flaws that need to see improvement. These are the five things that we want to see changed or fixed for Destiny 2. Bungie&nb...

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Destiny – update 1.0.3 info

Destiny - update 1.0.3 info. New update brings a lot of features which players were demanding for a while. Highlights include the addition of new shaders as well as the ability to preview shaders. Public events will now occur 10-15 per cent...

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Destiny – do you want to look cool in real?

Destiny - check the cos knife and pistols for #Destiny. They look amazing. Check these fancy looking pistols. They are 3D printed, comes in 10 parts and cost $195. You will still need to sand them, paint them and enjoy all the fun making th...

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Destiny level cap, raids and game size

Interview with Bungie on the Destiny level cap, raids and game size made by Eurogamer at Gamescon 2014. At gamescon Jonty Barnes and lead concept artist Jesse van Dijk were interrogated by Eurogamer about many questions which needed to be a...

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Discussing Destiny’s first DLC

Joystiq is writing and discussing Destiny's first DLC in a deep article. First DLC will come to the market in December. What can we expect of it? It's got its own story but all in all there will be of course new items, new monsters to ...