Horizon Zero Dawn PC to Release on August 7

Horizon Zero Dawn officially leaves it PlayStation exclusivity to come to PC on August 7. The PC port will come up with all of the DLC. Players will also enjoy features like unlocked frame rates, widescreen display support, enhanced graphical options and effects, and a built-in benchmarking tool.

Horizon Zero Dawn gets a PC release date

After rumors and then a confirmation of its arrival to keyboard and mouse users, Horizon Zero Dawn will release to PC gamers on August 7. The PS4 hit got its Steam page updated to reveal the date. 

As it comes to PC, Horizon Zero Dawn will offer more than what its console edition could. Players will be able to enjoy unlocked frame rates, support for widescreen displays, enhanced graphical options and effects, and a built-in benchmarking tool.

Developed under Guerilla Games, the studio known for the first-person shooter series Killzone, the company branched out with this 2017 action-RPG. Stepping into a world dominated by robotic animals as humans have been reverted to the stone age. Players will uncover secrets of the world along with plenty of hostile tribes of other humans and plenty of mechanical creatures.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition – PC Features Trailer

During the PS5 reveal event, the sequel was announced and will be titled Horizon Forbidden West. No date was given for it, but it is aiming for a 2021 launch.

The PC release of Horizon Zero Dawn will include all of its DLC along with other goodies. It will cost $49.99.

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