Guerilla Games Launches Giveaway to Celebrate Horizon Zero Dawn’s 4-Year Anniversary

To celebrate Horizon Zero Dawn's 4-year anniversary, Guerilla Games is running a campaign that will reward one lucky winner with a valued item. Specifically, an expensive, gigantic Thunderjaw figurine, featured in the game in its later stages.

Guerilla Games Launches Giveaway to Celebrate Horizon Zero Dawn’s 4th-Year Anniversary

Horizon Zero Dawn developer, Guerilla Games, is running a raffle promo, following its beloved franchise’s four-year anniversary, that will see a lucky individual getting a premium collectible, Thunderjaw statue.

Announcing the giveaway to the public, the game company put to Twitter a post detailing the momentary effort. To win the raffle, the tweet claims that fans must follow the studio’s account. In addition, participants must also share their idea on how to most efficiently kill the massive Thunderjaw.

A campaign is not based simply on randomness and luck; a potential winner is someone who makes the best reply. This means putting up the effort in coming up with an outstanding response in order to gather Guerilla Games’ attention and qualify for the reward.

Thunderjaw is one of Horizon Zero Dawn’s late-game machines that resemble a Tyrannosaurus Rex. With a size that belittles many things around it, the gargantuan contraption has susceptibilities that players can exploit for the kill. Aside from the satisfaction that comes with the slay, the Thunderjaw is often a favorite target for its loots.

Anyone interested in getting their hands on the prized item will have until March 3, 4 PM CET, to join.

Will you be the fortunate winner of the promo?

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