Horizon Zero Dawn Reaches 3.4 Million Units Sold

Horizon Zero Dawn passes the 3.4 million units sold threshold making it one of 2017 greatest performers. Digital downloads is revealed to have made a little less than a third of the total sales. Clearly, physical media is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Horizon Zero Dawn Reaches 3.4 Million Units Sold
Sony just revealed the total sales of their new open world hit Horizon Zero Dawn to be over 3.4 million units. This number might be even higher at this point as the milestone was reached as of April 30th. Further, they were even as generous as to provide the break down based on physical versus digital which is something that we rarely get from game sales reports. Apparently, the excellent post-apocalyptic open world robot-dinosaur game sold 915,000 digital copies with the remaining being physical copies. This means that a little less than one-third of the total game sales were digital. That is very surprising since digital has been on the rise and many predictions had it closing in the gap soon with physical media. As of right now, it is safe to conclude that there are plenty of more gamers that still prefer physical copies to digital downloads. Among those surprised by these results is Sony's Shawn Layden himself, who remarked,

We thought people would go for the digital store because they didn't want to get off the sofa, get in the car, and go drive and get it, we underestimated that.

People will get the digital copy because they don't want to get off the sofa and put a disc in the machine

Do our readers get off the sofa to buy physical games? Let us know below.

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