Horizon Zero Dawn Reportedly Coming to PC

Horizon Zero Dawn may be coming to PC later this year, according to rumors coming from Kotaku. The highly successful PlayStation 4 exclusive is reportedly coming to PC later this year, making a first for a Sony-owned developer to make its way to the PC. Could console exclusivity be in peril in the near future?

Horizon Zero DawnAccording to Kotaku, anonymous sources have said that the PlayStation 4’s very successful exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn will be coming to PC later this year. 

Horizon Zero Dawn was developed by Sony’s Guerrilla Games, and like most games developed by Sony‘s studios, it was made to be an exclusive for the console, in an attempt to increase sales. Now, if the rumors are to be believed, the game is coming for a second platform, making it no longer an exclusive.  This will also make it the first Guerrilla Games title to not be a PlayStation exclusive since the studio was acquired by Sony in 2005.

Horizon Zero Dawn - E3 2016 Trailer I PS4

Console exclusivity is still one of the focal points in the PC vs Console debate, as some major AAA titles are released under these conditions. To see Sony make a decision such as this one would indeed be interesting, given how since the original PlayStation, their business model has been to increase console sales with exclusive games or vice-versa.

We reported earlier that Death Stranding, a title long theorized to be a PS4 exclusive will also come to PC later this year according to Kojima, but in that particular case, Sony was merely a publisher, while Kojima Productions was the developer of the game. In fact, the PC release of Death Stranding will come from 505 Games

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