PS5 Reveal Event: Horizon Forbidden West Reveal Is Incredible

During the highly-anticipated PS5 Reveal, the long-awaited sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn finally reared its post-apocalyptic head, in the form of Horizon Forbidden West. Aloy will, once again, battle the scourge of robotic influence in a truly lush and vivid world.

PS5 Reveal Event: Horizon Forbidden West Rekindles A Much-Needed Flame Cover

In 2020 that, at times, has felt like an apocalypse, due to the segmentation of society, the Horizon Forbidden West reveal is a breath of fresh air and gives renewed hope in times that may seem bleak. Its predecessor was a bonafide, instant-classic with its unique take on post-apocalyptic Earth. Aloy was an enchanting protagonist that truly enraptured all of us, clamoring for a well-written, strong female lead.

The announcement trailer suffocates us with its intricately, detailed world that will surely be interesting to explore. Guerrilla GamesHorizon: Zero Dawn never had any true finality to it, ensuring that any forthcoming devastation was to be expected. The world still looks to be in ruin, and with a whole load of new enemies, and threats, to boot. Despite Aloy’s discovered truths in the first installment, it feels very much like there’s another world to explore, and more secrets to uncover.

Similarly to other titles revealed tonight, the Horizon Forbidden West reveal didn’t offer anything in the way of a release date, but the information is sure to be on the way, to capitalise on the momentum of the PS5 reveal.

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