Horizon Zero Dawn Comic Book Released

Issue #1 of the Horizon Zero Dawn comic book series has been released and it is everything fans could have wanted. It showcases a new machine and expands on the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. The comic book series sees the return of Aloy, but also focuses on Talanah who is a formidable hunter.

Horizon Zero Dawn Comic ReleasedHorizon Zero Dawn fans have been having a good year. The PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn was recently released, which will give more players the opportunity to experience Aloy’s story and her post-apocalyptic world inhabited by primitive tribes and deadly robots known as machines. The first edition of the tie-in comic book series was also released in August 2020.

The comic book series is written by Anne Toole and illustrated by Ann Maulina. It continues the story told in the game and takes place between the events of the first game and the upcoming sequel, Horizon Forbidden West.

Fans of Aloy will be happy to know that Aloy is present in the comic book series, but there is also a strong focus on another character – Talanah. She is introduced in the game as a seasoned hunter at the Carja Hunters Lodge. Talanah is a memorable character because she is the first female Sunhawk (leader of the Carja Hunters Lodge).

The comic book series is a must for anyone invested in the world of Horizon Zero Dawn, as it answers questions some might have had regarding the aftermath of the events of the first game. It also features new machines. Issue #1 showcases a Clawstrider that is festooned with metal feathers and has a bad attitude.

Aloy rides a Broadhead.

Aloy rides a Broadhead.

For those new to the franchise, Horizon Zero Dawn is a third-person adventure game that features a girl named Aloy. She lives in a world where civilization has been destroyed, and primitive tribes are all that is left of our species.

At birth, Aloy is cast out her tribe known as the Nora. She is raised by a strong man named Rost, who is also an outcast. Aloy wishes to become a Nora, so she undergoes a ritual known as the Proving. Although Aloy comes out on top, the ritual is disrupted when cultists enact a massacre on the Nora. Aloy goes on a quest that has her traveling far and wide to stop the cultists and learn more about her origins. 

For those who wish to get a sample of Horizon Zero Dawn to decide if they like it, there is a lead-in issue of the comic book series titled Horizon Zero Dawn #0. It is available to download for free on Kindle.

Horizon Forbidden West - Announcement Trailer | PS5

If you are eagerly awaiting Horizon Forbidden West, then the Horizon Zero Dawn comic book series is the perfect thing to hold you over until its release. Issue #2 is set to be released in September and is available for pre-order.

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