Horizon Zero Dawn Remake Is Reportedly on the Way

There's been a new report about a possible Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 Remake, as well as a multiplayer spinoff/gamemode set in the Horizon universe, looking to bring forward Forbidden West's visuals and some extra features to boot. Here's everything you need to know.

Horizon Zero Dawn Remake Is Reportedly On The WayIn a new report on MP1st, it’s been rumored that 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn is getting a PS5 remake. Despite having only been released half a decade ago, developer Guerilla Games is looking to bring the first game in the franchise up to the visual standards set by its sequel.

Alongside improvements to lighting, textures, and animation, the studio is bringing the accessibility options from the sequel to the remake. The full scope of this project isn’t yet known, and it’s up in the air whether this is a remaster or a full remake.

Earlier this year, Horizon: Forbidden West received a fresh coat of paint in the form of a free PS5 update. The update brought higher framerates and better resolution, but little else. The biggest improvement to date was a PC port which added tons of graphics settings (like increased render distances) which were clearly lacking in the original release and update.

Also in the report was an early hint at a multiplayer game in the franchise, now in active development. There were plans for a multiplayer mode in the sequel, but they were reportedly scrapped to focus development and budget on the core single player story.

Guerilla Games has yet to make an official statement, and there’s no word yet on if, or when, we may learn more.

SOURCE: the report on MP1st

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