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HITMAN 3 – Year 2 Announced with Roadmap

IO Interactive has unveiled the new roadmap of content for Year 2 of HITMAN 3, commencing 20 January 2022, a year after the game was released. In their official announcement, IO Interactive revealed a forecast of new maps, storylines, modes, and ways to play.

HITMAN 3 - Year 2 Announced with Roadmap Cover

HITMAN 3 is the final entry in the World of Assassination trilogy and has been out for nearly a year. Developer, IO Interactive, has confirmed new content for a 12 month period, starting from January 20, 2022. Their announcement was unveiled with a roadmap of what to expect. More details on the new content will be revealed in 2022.

It was revealed that in 2022, HITMAN 3 will support ray tracing on PC. Ray tracing is a graphics rendering process that realistically simulates light. With ray tracing, computers can accurately recreate shadows, reflections, highlights, and light bouncing. It is a great method for adding realistic lighting to games, featured in many recent titles. IO Interactive has worked with Intel to create the best performance and optimization for PC players. The game currently supports 8+ core CPUs and Variable Rate Shading (which improves the performance of rendering and quality of games).

Also announced, was that VR would be coming to the game on PC, after supporting PlayStation VR. They stated that they would reveal more technical details about supporting platforms before the start of Year 2.

More stuff is on the way for HITMAN 3, but more details will be revealed later.

More stuff is on the way for HITMAN 3, but more details will be revealed later.

A brand-new game mode was unveiled called Elusive Target Arcade. Elusive Targets is a challenge in the World of Assassination trilogy. The developers stated that there would be a change to the current formula of the Elusive Target challenge. They added that all Elusive Target Arcade content would be permanently added to the game. More details about this feature will be shared in January 2022.

On a final note to the Year 2 roadmap, a major update to the game has been planned for Spring 2022. No details were disclosed, but the developers said they would reveal more at a later date.

HITMAN 3 came out on January 20, 2021, receiving positive feedback from players. The World of Assassination series is a trilogy of three games; HitmanHitman 2, and HITMAN 3. Altogether, they have accumulated an impressive audience of over 50 million players.

HITMAN 3 is available now for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, PS4/5, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia.

HITMAN 3 - Announcement Trailer

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