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Hitman 3: Year 2 July Roadmap Revealed

Get ready for pirate-themed contracts with Hitman 3's new roadmap for July. Explore a new location set between Hitman 2 & 3, take on more Elusive targets, unlock a sharp new weapon in the Elusive Target Arcade, and be in a chance at having your contracts shown off in the new community creations challenge.

Hitman 3 Year 2 July Roadmap Revealed CoverAfter a slight delay, IO Interactive revealed July’s content roadmap for year 2 of Hitman 3, delivering more of the long-awaited content announced at the start of the year. This month Hitman 3 owners will be getting access to a new location, the chance to unlock a sharp new katana, pirate-themed featured contracts, elusive targets and more. 

Here’s a brief visual summary of July’s roadmap below:

Pirate themed contracts await 47 this July

Pirate-themed contracts await 47 this July

Bangkok Unlocked

Starting our tour in July, the free location rotation points Hitman 3 players towards Bangkok. Explore the luxurious Himmapan Hotel from the first part of the world of assassination trilogy.  This will be available to all Hitman 3 and starter pack players for ten days starting July 7th.

Make the hotel your hunting ground

Make the hotel your hunting ground

New and Returning Elusive Target levels added

Elusive targets are back and this month brings two returning faces alongside a new challenge in Elusive Target Arcade.

Starting July 8 to July 18, return to the sunny drug cartel-infested Santa Fortuna and take down Vicente Murillo in The Revolutionary (Year 2 edition).

From July 15 to July 25, the infamous food critic Ts’ai returns to the Himmapan Hotel for one last meal in The Food Critic (Year 2 edition). This target will be available for players on Hitman 3 and the starter pack. In addition, anyone who hasn’t taken out an elusive target in Bangkok can earn the casual suit and gloves outfit after completing the contract. 

The Arcade grows with new sets of Elusive targets to take down. On July 14 new batches will be added with The Iridescent Katana unlock for anyone who completes them. 

A Set of Contracts for The Pirate In You

Community-themed contracts return with IO Interactive giving creators the opportunity for their contracts to be featured later in the month. This time it’s all about that pirate life, plan out swashbuckling-themed contracts and get the chance to have them featured by keeping an eye on the Hitmanforum for the submission thread. 

Assassinate Pirate Style!

Assassinate Pirate Style!

New Map: Ambrose Island 

After months of waiting, Ambrose Island will be coming on July 26 and the best part is it’ll be free for everyone who owns a copy of Hitman 3. This mission takes place before the main story of Hitman 3 and will involve Agent 47 travelling to the tropical island, home to a dangerous pirate syndicate operating in the Andaman Sea. The new fully explorable sandbox location will include new targets, gameplay opportunities, challenges and unlockable rewards. 

HITMAN 3: Ambrose Island (Location Reveal Trailer)

Alongside the new location, a new patch update will release, promising to fix some community-reported issues alongside some QoL improvements. The patch notes will be available on July 26.


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