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Hitman 3: Update on Freelancer Mode

Hitman 3's most anticipated piece of content got a new update from IOI interactive, detailing what's to come in the next few months. Freelancer mode will be adding in more content for its day one release, though it may not come when originally intended. More details down below.

Hitman 3 Update on Freelancer ModeIO Interactive have been taking their most recent entry of the Hitman series, Hitman 3, through its second year of content. We recently were treated to the pirate-infested Ambrose Island where we took out two new targets with stealth and the occasional mass shootout. However, one piece of content that Hitman fans have been anticipating since the beginning of Year 2 is Freelancer mode.

Freelancer is a brand new single-player mode that introduces rogue-lite elements, strategic planning and a customisable safehouse. The game mode was originally set to release earlier this year but was pushed back in order for the game mode to be exactly what the developers envisioned. However, in their newest update, Freelancer mode has been delayed till January 26, 2023

Are you looking forward to customizing your own assassin hideout in Hitman 3's Freelancer Mode

Are you looking forward to customizing your own assassin hideout in Hitman 3’s Freelancer Mode

Luckily IOI has laid out their plans for what’s to come in regard to the mode and future updates. Freelancer mode will be receiving a closed technical test early next month. IOI will be inviting a select number of players to put the new game mode through its paces. The tests will involve customising the safehouse, eliminating syndicate leaders, and unlocking mastery. 

IOI also confirmed that one of the changes to Freelancer that affected their choice to delay the mode is that more locations will be added. Nearly all the locations of the world of assassination trilogy will be involved in the game mode, day one. There will be further details on the close technical test on October 27. This will feature the start time, how to get access, what’s available, and how long you can play. We also got the October roadmap for Hitman 3, and we have all the details here.

SOURCE: IO Interactive 

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